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Thread: A new strat for sactuary?????? (sorry for posting alot)

Started by: vaqquixx8vaqquixx8

Maybe it could save some time in AC runs if you boosted from that point all the way to the collectable but it's super unlikely


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Thread: New Death Abuses

Started by: PainDesuPainDesu

3-9 You just stand on the edge of the platform you spawn on and jump into the shot tomato shoots ( )
4-10 You get dmg from the hanging thing ( )

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Thread: Category Request Thread

Started by: ConnorAceConnorAce

Name: All Cubes% One-handed

Rules: "Complete the game and collect all 18 cubes

Video proof is required, and In Game Time must be shown in the video. from All Cubes%


Only one hand may be used to perform any action used during the run (menu is exempt obviously).

Video must show both of the runners hands in frame the whole time, and only one hand may be touching any sort of controls.