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Due to the newly announced ZLAN, I am reposting the link to the server in order for beginners to contact us easily: <removed>
Edit : Maybe it makes more sense to have a longer-lasting invite:


It seems many people don't agree on the ruling for Individual Levels, and I keep receiving tons of DMs, and since a result hasn't been reached, I decided to make a poll.
Two choices are being polled for IL ruling:
- Single-segment: Runs must be done without dying, saving or loading
- Real Time Attack: Runs must be done in one sitting, timed from the start to the completion of the level, with saves, loads and deaths allowed

Just as a quick reminder, ILs are SS for FPS speedruns in general, for Half-Life 1 and 2.
The poll will be set up as the following:
- People will vote in the comments (non-secret poll).
- People can argue about the rulings on this thread
- Voters MUST have one run in the leaderboard, either as IL or as Full-Game. "I am going to run the game if the ruling is applied" is not a valid reason (see Portal 1 vault save vote).
- Poll will start now, your vote must be readable and will end the 7th September 2018 at 20h GMT+1.


I swear if I see you spamming again, I'll take appropriate measures.




Time your run like a normal run.
Add 1/30 sec = 3 millisec and bam you are correct


default_fov is cheat-protected
fov isn't cheat-protected

Obviously any cheat-protected command is banned, therefore, it's banned.

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Is a month of waiting for a run to be verified THAT much of an issue?

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ent_create env_credits
ent_fire env_credits RollCredits
Timing starts when the trainstation loads in, so technically your run didn't started with current timing methods.
Anyways, just use a .cfg to do everything, have "exec 1" with 1.cfg being your cfg, then GG, your run is basically Ctrl + V + Enter as fast a possible


Are you using Source Unpack?
What are the specs of your computer?


Full game runs that aren't Legacy SS or OoB SS.


At first, I think you mean vault save, not vault skip, which is a different thing.
ILs are SS by definition (SpeedDemosArchive).
ILS are SS by common use.
SS means Single Segment
Vault Save is a segment as it segments the vault from the rest of the game.
Ipso facto, Vault Save isn't allowed in ILs.

If you meant Vault Skip, then no, it's not allowed as it requires to saveload, and it's not SS.


you can't kiddo


lmao, good job deleting everything so noone can understand the topic of the topic.
Also it turned out I was rightand goo-acceleration doesn't trigger the turrets, as I thought; and it's better than what you proposed.


How about using goo-acceleration to do this? Doesn't this give enough speed?


Isn't catwalk skip faster than this ... thing?


You can't delete your own threads.


The source lifetimer is the timer that calculates how long you have to live.

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You cancelled your SG by shooting too close to yourself, didn't you?

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