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I have noooo idea dude, I ran this for a meme and took over moderation cause the current mod is inactive. Happy enough to moderate either this or merge it with the pc leader board. I don't mind either way. 😛


@Liv Thanks dude. 😊

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Hey would I be able to become a mod for Woodle tree adventure, I submitted a WR run about 2 weeks ago but its yet to be approved. I believe the only other guy is inactive.

Thanks. 🙂


Hey xNose, Sorry for the slow reply. Never expected someone to run this game. XD

The timer stops when the cutscene triggers (where you sim walks down the stairs). I'll retime the ending of the run for you. Congrats on WR dude. 🙂

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I don't agree with removing EMU and VC times. Allowing EMU and VC runs allows more people to get into speedrunning the game which should be the main aim of the community. If EMU and VC got banned then it would particularly affect PAL runners as getting hold of a NTSC N64 and game will cost a fair amount of money. The previous posts pretty much say everything I was thinking so no need to write more.

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Yeah I've resorted to Monitor capture now. Thanks anyways for the help guys. 😛


Tried it with BGB, not given gambatte a try yet. Reinstalling windows right now but I'll try it afterwards. 🙂


Still not popping up with anything. This is on OBS studio if that makes any difference 😕


Hey could someone help me out with OBS. not sure how to get it to capture the top of the window. Whenever I put window capture on it automatically crops it.


Whoops forgot to leave some feedback. I don't really have any negative feedback for the event, everything from what I could tell ran very smoothly and to plan. I would possibly recommend maybe 1-2 more practice TV's if possible next time since there were points where no TV's were available (3 TV's from what I can remember). Apart from that the event was great and I had an amazing time hanging out with you guys! 🙂


Any more info on the airbeds? May need to borrow one if there is one available.


I'll take a look at what else I run. Can't guarantee there will be anything good though. ;-;


I think one race has been submitted like that. It should be fine to do but i'd double check with Planks or Edenal.


Hey GC. Is there another invite link. That one has expired so can't join. 😕

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Any% is just a category name. Not every game is referred to by this (For example sonic adventure 2 'any%' is referred to as All Stories)
URF% Is a more suitable name for what you were running.

As for multiplayer runs being a problem, it doesn't matter so long as the category allows it. Quite a few speedruns have multiplayer categories, It just depends on the game.


Ahh figured that was the case. May consider getting the JP copy if I get my time down pretty low. Thanks anyways. 🙂

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Hey I'm fairly new to running the game and I've been trying to hit off the mission 3 skip. I did it just as the tutorial shows but I never seem to skip the starwolf battle. Is this trick exclusive to NTSC cause I'm using PAL at the moment.

If not I'll post a video of me doing it and see if anyone can find the problem with it.