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Forum: Pac-Man World 2

Thread: Nintendont usage

Started by: EclipseMTEclipseMT

late af response but usually it makes load times faster and ruse found it to be about 1 minute difference but we would most likely have to compare your load times and find the difference, but yes it is allowed as long as you account for the difference in load times and add it to the final time


Forum: Apex Legends

Thread: When is nessy%?

Started by: PKFrenchiPKFrenchi

When is nessy % gonna be added?


Forum: The Site

Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

This might be a bit pointless but could you make my new name PKFrenchi64 to make it match with my twitch and twitter name

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Forum: Wario World

Thread: discord server?

Started by: PKFrenchiPKFrenchi

I am interested in learning the game so I wondering if there is any discord for the game?


Forum: Mighty No. 9

Thread: How slow is the wii u version to pc?

Started by: PKFrenchiPKFrenchi

does anyone know how much wii u is slower compared to pc?