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Thread: Mupen64Plus on Windows

Started by: vickyflexvickyflex

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There's no reason you can't, its the exact same emulator just compiled for a different OS. What's in the rules seem to be merely a suggestion.


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Thread: HAPPY 4/20 OR 20/4 EVERYONE

Started by: [Deleted user]

why not necro it


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Thread: remove adds

Started by: DelekatesDelekates

About adblockers, ublock origin (the best one) uses less resources than without an adblocker. If you are concerned about bloat, use an adblocker.

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Thread: a

Started by: LorLor

@11 legendary


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Thread: Game Rejection: "This does not appear to be notable."

Started by: ItayooItayoo

That game was added back in 2015 when the rules were a lot less strict, you could pretty much get anything on the site back then.

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Thread: Moderators: What is your craziest, weirdest, and/or funniest experience while moderating on sr.c?

Started by: GarshGarsh

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Someone created a new account, submitted a reupload of a former wr for the Club Penguin All Missions Category, and then submitted something that was obviously a reupload from the TASVideos youtube channel to the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force leaderboard (the subtitles that said it was a TAS with the original author were still there!). If you go on their youtube channel, you can still find reuploads of other people's videos.

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Thread: Is Retroarch allowed?

Started by: supermario9590supermario9590

Originally posted by FireGoesFasthow do you know there is no advantage?

I know there is no advantage because:
1. It is based on mupen64plus which is already known to not give an advantage over
2. Project 1.6 which already is very fast and inaccurate which is already used by 99% of runners.


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Is Retroarch allowed?

Started by: supermario9590supermario9590

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I don't see a reason to not allow it. It's a perfectly fine, well tested emulator, practically very similar to mupen64plus, and it's not like you're going to get an advantage over the 99% of emu runners that already use PJ64 1.6.


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Thread: Opinions on new front page:

Started by: Kai.Kai.

The new zoom and fonts are okay to me. But I'm not a big fan of how the news area taking as much space as it does, since I don't care too much for the news.

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Thread: Best Video Game Quotes of All Time?

Started by: quickcuppaquickcuppa

"I admit, my fowl friend, you are sharp. But I shall never be fooled or tricked by the likes of you. Your success has been nothing but luck so far."

-Herbert, Club Penguin PSA Missions


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Thread: Dissociating name from account

Started by: diggitydiggity

The way I got around this was to add a blank character to trick the website into not associating it with the account. You can go to if you want to try this.


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Thread: Does anyone know what the most tied speedrun on the site is?

Started by: Merl_Merl_

Club Penguin Thin Ice: 8 ties

Not as much as the other ones but still worth mentioning


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Thread: man...

Started by: cardboardboatcardboardboat

Why would you buy something if you don't know if you need it or how to use it?

If you need to learn how to use one, there is a great tutorial website which will help you.

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Thread: What is the best Nintendo DS emulator?

Started by: HakoHako

Right now the most common DS emulators used in speedruns are DeSmuME and melonDS

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Forum: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force


Started by: MldMld

An update: all of his times have been removed and they have been transferred to me.

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