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Thread: Set bounties on WR!

Started by: PAGOPAGO

Hey Speedrunners,
I am not a Speedrunner my self (lacking patience)..
But I really enjoy watching you guys destroy childhood memories 😃

A couple of days ago I released my challenge platform called BET-CHA.

BET-CHA is a challenge platform which centers around creating challenges and funding video content.

This concept can be perfectly used to create challenges and beat records. Gather an audience and fundings (bounties) for speedrunning-challenges and create even more motivation to beat records.

Here is a challenge for sm64 120 star run:

Here is a quick explainer video:

I really would like to know what you guys think and if you could see BET-CHA as an tool/addition to the usual procedure of speedrunning.
We just started and have many ideas to develop the platform further. But to push it in the right direction we need your help and feedback.

So pound out your keyboard! ❤️