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UKSM is requesting two pages

Name: UKSM (United Kingdom Speedrunning Marathon)
Venue: Insomnia64 (NEC - Birmingham)
Dates: 19th-22nd April (Marathon style 19th, Tutorial/Get Into Speedrunning 20th-22nd)
Moderators: Ozotuh
Purpose: SpecialEffect (UK based charity aiding people with disabilities play games)

Name: UKSM (United Kingdom Speedrunning Marathon)
Venue: EGX (ExCeL - London)
Dates: 17th-20th October
Moderators: Ozotuh
Purpose: SpecialEffect (UK based charity aiding people with disabilities play games)


Currently I have a 3 person room with 1 space available. The room is booked from Thu 16th-Mon 20th, and is £78 (Room + WiFi)


Whilst most of our discussion happens on Discord, this is an extra place to talk about hotels/rooms for the event.

The hotel I am recommending is "Travelodge London Central City Road" - They have room available for 3 people, the price for 4 nights (Arrive Thurs- leave Mon) is £222 for the saver rate. (No money back for cancelations) or £292 for flexible rate (Can cancel upto mid-day on arrival day)
Split between 3 people that's £74 per person, or £18.50 per night
Again, the rooms are limited so I suggest booking asap.
The address is 1-23 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AG, United Kingdom, and it's about a 13 minute walk from the event.
Those travelling in from the north, your station will likely be either Euston or King's Cross


The schedule is available in the side bar, or can be viewed at - Both automatically adjust times for your timezone.

Tickets to attend the event in person are available online at
Tickets cost £20 for the whole weekend, or £12 for either a 9amFri-6pmSat or 12pm Sat-9pm Sun ticket.


Complete the game from a fresh file as fast as possible.
Timing begins when you press Okay after selecting your save file.
Timing ends when the screen turns black after the final mission.

I currently don't have the game so haven't been able to look into things, these are the general rules that a majority of the Lego games use. If you think there's anything that needs adding/changing let me know.


I think, if someone's willing to look into it, an analysis of super bricks, location, activities required for it, and approximate time to collect, would be an excellent resource for runners.

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At 32:40 is that an actual replay level, or is it a replay special assignment, or are they both the same?


So for Wii U is there no "replay mission" option? If this is the case then any run submitted as part of a normal run would be considered "Story (No BB)" and any mission outside that would likely by Freeplay. If you can show/make a video showing the level selection, it would make things easier to understand.


You were switching characters freely, which seems to show that you were in freeplay mode. Story BB must be played in story mode, but without the selection screen, I can't verify if the run was done in story or freeplay.


Having catchup off may make it slightly easier since the NPCs will likely be further away so pickups won't be so much of a worry.


I'm unsure. Catchup usually just makes the people further away from 1st slightly faster so shouldn't have much affect on gameplay.


I would consider them to be cheat codes, so not likely.

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Subcategories were added by Laser and the runs were't set to a default value, so were hidden. It's been sorted now.


I've never been a fan of allowing 1p2c as a single player run, but if you want to submit it at a co-op run I'd be fine with that.


I don't have the game at the moment, so I can't help you with checking if the glitch still works, however it is possible that the glitch is frame rate dependent, and that the locked fps on consoles prevents the jump from working. It may be a case of separating PC from console runs if it's a problem.


As long as it doesn't need any internal modding to work, that's fine.


Could you explain that a bit more? What is a HDD loader and what does it do?


I'm not sure what video you're looking at, but the WR does have loading screens, they're just 1-2 seconds long because it's an old game and doesn't require a lot of hardware to run.

This is also PC only, the other versions have other leaderboards because each of them are different.


Verifying your own runs is in bad practice. You also have to remember that the mods are volunteers.


The background was black until recently so it wasn't a problem, I've bumped it up to 90% opacity.

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