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Thread: Important Glitches and Timesaves

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

A few important glitches and timesaves for people interested in running this game:

1. Laughing Kettle

The Laughing Kettle can be killed fastest via a "Scroll of Conjuring". This costs 3,500 gold from Boltac's shop. If you get an Air Elemental (preferred), Greater Demon, Djinn, or Golems you can potentially kill the kettle. This gives an obscene amount of experience, taking a character from level 1 to level 14 if they are on their own!

2. Thieves Guild

The Laughing Kettle can be revived for 6,000 gold. Your party needs levels to survive the rest of the game anyway, so if you can get gold quickly you can kill the kettle multiple times if your mage learned Socordi. You can open the door to the thieves guild with your thief or mage after leveling up at the kettle.

3. Ghost Grind

The ghost grind in this is not for XP, but for gold! Stealing from them gets you several high profile items (including the Ring of Frozz, a one-use invoke that gives your mage full spells!) that sell for a lot. You can also buy a special cursed sword called the "Soul Stealer" for 33,750. There is another sword with the same cost you do not want, so it's random chance if you get it.

You can run from the combat to potentially visit another ghost to steal/buy from for speed, but it is good to kill a few to get their items. After identifying them, sell them for the rest of the money you need in the game.

4. Soul Stealer and Demon Statue

At such low levels, it is impossible to reliably deal damage to the big enemy groups you run into. To fix this, we use the Soul Stealer and Demon Statue glitches. By invoking the Soul Stealer (not equipping!) with your fighters, they get large bonus rolls. Having strong weapons is preferred, but not necessary, for your fighters. The Soulstealer CAN break, so be careful to save before using it.

The Demon Statue, when invoked, lowers your VIT by 1 to a minimum of 3. It also increases your HP! By increasing your HP to around 800-900, you should be able to reliably survive throughout the entire game. You can get multiple Demon Statues by returning to the blood pool.

5. The Clones

You have four very difficult clone fights. The "clones" aren't exact duplicates -- the mage will have tiltowait even if you don't! One advantage you can have is to remove members from your party by quitting to town, restarting your party in the maze, but only selecting one or two members. A fighter with the soul stealer glitch can be very useful here.

6. The Sorn

This is the most difficult fight in the game because The Sorn likes to kill your entire party if they aren't buffed by the demon statue to have obscene HP. You have to use Socordi and then wait for the Gatekeeper to remove his shield! If you manage to survive, not get paralyzed, petrified, etc., you are often poisoned at the end and still need to make it home!

To remedy this situation, I'd suggest picking up a Scroll of Latumofis to cure poison before doing the endgame sequence. Alternatively, you can leave one party member behind (like a cleric with Latumofis) and then pick them back up after the battle.

If you're really lucky, you get a potion of Madi. Using one of those to heal your fighter to full after The Sorn is dead is a near guaranteed victory.

7. Text speed

Text is pretty fast, but you can move it to "1" to speed up text quite a bit. This has some disadvantages as you can't read what's happening most of the time, but the option is there!

8. Early Game Gold

No one knows the best way on average to get gold in the early game. The vampire bats, stealing from ironnose, stealing from G'bli, forced door combat, or regular combat grinding are all good strategies with varying amounts of RNG. You want to get to the kettle as quickly as possible and you get the most gold by stealing from G'bli, but need to be a higher level to have a good chance. To get to a higher level you want to kill bats, but the possibiltiy of poison and the length of the combat makes it inefficient at the first sign of trouble. Each reset takes ~15 seconds and you can finish two regular combats that gives you 120+ gold within that time if you're lucky, so save scumming for G'bli might not be the best strategy in general. Someone who spent a lot of time on this could find a lot of timesaves here.

Edit: The now fastest Kettle Kill is 50 seconds from town to Kettle falling off the bottom of the screen! It's rare, but possible.

9. Solo leveling

XP is split amongst your party. Currently, we use a party of 6 to level up as the limiting factor is not XP, but gold, in the early game. That said, reducing your party size to level up the thief faster could be a good way to get more reliable steals which could increase the speed at which you get the scroll of Socordi. Even with reduced HP, with good RNG you could then kill a kettle which would let you into the thieves guild and drastically speed up the early game. That said, you often need cleric levels to heal, the wizard to identify items to sell, and the mage to kill large groups quickly, and fighters are needed early game for sure, so it's difficult to know who to remove from your group and how helpful it will be without doing several runs.

The main "time saves" from leveling are:

Fighters killing things more regularly
Cleric being able to cast Dios more (and having more HP)
Mage being able to cast Melito (great for killing lizard groups)
Wizard being able to cast Dios


Forum: Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom

Thread: Category and Rule Clarification

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

This board is currently only hosting runs for the SNES version of the game, which has some large differences compared to the others. If you would like to run Wizardry V in one of its other releases, let me know and I'll create an appropriate category if need be.

Currently Wizardry V supports both the Famicom and SNES versions. If significant differences between Famicom and SNES are found (e.g., significant glitch differences, Malor bounceback differences, etc.) I will likely split the categories.

I do not currently support the translated Famicom version as I haven't been able to ensure nothing else has been changed. If you would like to help me do this, please contact me with your rationale.

Milliseconds are only used for Reset % and are not considered for other categories.

Any% (no char creation):
This is the default category and involves using the default party. It was chosen as the default due to the large time investment it takes to create characters with proper stats. Character rolls can be as high as 60 bonus points -- getting 6 of those would take hours, if not days. Timing starts from the "enter maze" selection to allow players to rename characters and organize their party without it affecting their time; this makes for a more personal and enjoyable run.

If this becomes the most popular category I'll transfer it to the default category. Character creation was not part of the timing to prevent a lucky roll from saving ten minutes or from making the run "reset until a good first roll", making this run more tolerable.

Laughing Kettle Run:
A shortened version of the normal categories, similar to FFIV Paladin runs or FFVI Narshe runs, that gives a taste of the full game. Killing the Laughing Kettle is one of the fastest ways to level up in the game. Finding a way to kill him quickly is important! This category can have some changes due to there being no need for experience -- just a good scroll of conjuring.

A fun meme run, but also instructive on how to reset your progress in Wizardry V, which isn't obvious at first glance.

Credit Warp:
Credit Warping is possible using ACE in real time. (This category does not accept TAS)

I have not created a Glitchless category yet as I do not believe there is any interest in running this, as it has been several years without a single run of Wizardry V in the first place. If you are running this category I will happily create the category for you. Glitchless would not allow for ACE, Soulstealer glitch, Demonic Figure HP buff, or other obvious glitches and developer mistakes.

No Reset%:
I have not created a No Reset category yet as I do not believe there is any interest in running this category. If you are running this category I will happily create the category for you. This would be Any%, but not allow for resets of any kind. At the cemetery screen after death, you would need to press a button to allow the death of your party and then continue gameplay.

If you have another category you believe is necessary or interesting, let me know once you have a recording of the run available. I do not plan to create arbitrary stopping point categories other than the Laughing Kettle Run.


Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Chardcore and I have been framecounting each other's runs since we started this meme war :B

We were going from input picking operating mode to the first frame showing the character banner after selecting end. I lined up the audio waveforms during framecount so I'm pretty sure the timing is accurate.

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Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

How is end% timed?

Chardcore and I have been frame counting the runs and thought we were accurate, but it currently has us both with the same timing with different frame counts.

I'm also not sure where the 4.292 came from;
211 frames is 3.516 (TAS)
257 frames is 4.283 (one frame faster than my latest run)
258 frames is 4.300 (my latest run)
260 frames is 4.333 (chard's latest run)


Forum: The Legend of Zelda

Thread: Any%

Started by: Crockiller67Crockiller67

There is a "Traditional Dungeon Order" in Category Extensions you might be interested in.

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Thread: Multiple Categories and Level Select

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Just a moderator note, it is perfectly acceptable to have one run played up to level 30 be used to submit a time for level 10 and level 20 categories.

The game can be very long and difficult, so I thought it'd be good to have different tiers of difficulty rather than just an empty board of "beat level 30".

Here's some codes for the game you can use for fun and practice:
Change Slot Patterns and Increase Difficulty (Two-Players)
When you enter the two-player mode menu, hold Up and press Start. This will change the slot patterns in the game, and also increase its difficulty.

Change the slot patterns
At the title screen press B five times, then A three times, then hold Up and press Start. If done right, the patterns in the slots will be changed and the game will be harder.

Level Select
At the title screen press B five times, then A three times, then hold Down and press Start. If done right, you'll be able to select all levels.


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Thread: Block clip not working

Started by: jw13jw13

Likely means you're on the wrong pixel or using the wrong inputs after getting the sword slash. When you press left/right, Link will face a different direction than he was facing when you started.

The distance needed from above:

You can find more information and screenshots with distance here:

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Thread: Solo Misc category

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

That's a good standpoint to have Avin!

I'll let you know when I have a recorded run -- and see if anyone else has a recorded run they want to submit, I know there's at least one solo Black Belt run out there.


Forum: Final Fantasy (NES)

Thread: Solo Misc category

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Any possibility of a solo character misc. category? (e.g., all other 3 characters level 1 and not revived on death)

I know Solo character and "four of the same" character runs are meme categories, but I was planning on doing a solo run or two in the future and figured I'd ask if it could become an actual category on its own.


Forum: Mohawk & Headphone Jack

Thread: 100%

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

100% could be "collect every big music CD" rather than every small CD

Just saying


Forum: Batman: The Video Game (NES)

Thread: Rule confusion regarding pacifist%

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

THAT is how I was able to kill firebug just by spamming punches in the corner. Fists were sometimes doing double damage.


Forum: Batman: The Video Game (NES)

Thread: Rule confusion regarding pacifist%

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Three times, Chambers. 😬

Also not every enemy in the game can survive a punch, but its rare.

I know it won't change anything, but personally I prefer my version of the pacifist run because its the Batman%. Batman punches people, but doesn't kill them. Batman won't kill, but doesn't have to save you.

It also changed the actual game because while you want ammo, you can only get it via farming -- not from killing enemies. That is the main difference. Because taking hits, and thus deaths is mandatory (and you can't use a continue on a boss) when you can't kill, you have to use a lot of despawns strategies and intended deaths. The routing is entirely different from any%, even with hitstun.

I know the rules won't change, but just wanted to throw that out there.


Forum: Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

@Backslash if you're making the call, we need to know what constitutes whether a category should be created


Forum: Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

I think the big holdup here is there is nothing that says a category is good or bad other than the number of runs and nothing that says whether a category should exist in the first place other than "it is a category that is run". If everyone posting in this thread decided to run "Ninja Gaiden 3: Sword + Windmill shuriken only" you'd get a totally new category with more runs than any others. It's how the Pacifist runs in NG1 started. The issue now is that categories are starting before there are runners.

I think there's going to be room for Low% and Pacifist runs no matter what because they're generally staples, but I think we'd need to cater to the runs that exist first and foremost. That would mean, at minimum, a Low% (expending ninpo allowed, pickups allowed) and a Pacifist+Low% category.

I don't see an issue with multiple "misc" categories, misc is for the more niche ones. If there is an issue with multiple categories, a mod needs to dictate the requirement for creating and/or keeping a category. Any% (J) was created because someone just said "hey I think I'm going to run this" and it was empty for over half a year, so I don't think anything has been really set in stone as far as "requirements".

I could go on what I'd do to determine creating categories and what is "legitimate", but I'm not a mod. We just need a statement from a mod on "what constitutes a new category".

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Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

Reposting due to deletion via backup:

I think the best solution is to create categories and rules that fit with existing runs.There has never been a pacifist or Low% run in Ninja Gaiden 3 with the proposed "old" rules -- there's no reason to cater to dead rulesets. If someone wants to run those specific rules later, they can do so and then we'll have runs to use and those categories could be discussed at that time. Discussing them prior to a run existing doesn't make much sense.

Currently we have runs for:

No pickups - Uranium Anchor
Any % (no ninpo) - Overswarm
Low % (expending ninpo is allowed, collecting non-useful pickups allowed) - Nanjimao
Pacifist (don't kill non-boss enemies) - Overswarm, though I wasn't done and didn't submit it
Pacifist + Low % (expending ninpo is allowed, collecting non-useful pickups allowed) - Gusmancini

There's no reason to fit the NG1 / NG2 rules. I mean, NG2 doesn't even follow their own rules -- everyone expends ninpo there too. The rules were made by players who aren't going to be participating in NG3 at all and the players we have aren't against the minor modifications at least -- no reason for a rules purity test that invalidates several runs already on the boards.

My suggestion would be creating the 5 categories listed above (6 counting Low % J) as miscellaneous categories. Put the appropriate runs in the appropriate categories. Rather than voting on rules, use the rules that people are already submitting times for. People not running a category shouldn't be determining rules for people that do run it.

None of the suggested categories are particularly popular -- the only ones with recent runs are mine and they still have a grand total of 1 run. I'm not against a general policy of requiring X runs for a category to be created so there aren't several one-run categories. That said I think each of the categories is useful in its own right:

No pickups - Arbitrarily difficult due to "oops, reset!". Has routing strategies based off of the 10 ninpo + windmill shuriken. I personally wouldn't run this and Uranium Anchor seemed to think no one else really would either!

Any% (no ninpo) - A "sword only" category, allows for the sword upgrade, health, 1ups, etc. I personally enjoyed this as a category when it was the Low % (J) rules, moreso than Any %. The equivalent in NG2 would allow for shadow clones, but no ninpo.

Low % - Like the above category, but with no health / 1ups / sword upgrade. Tbh, I find this category boring, but Low % is a pretty general staple across games. This is the only category that requires killing bosses with the "normal" sword.

Pacifist (don't kill non-boss enemies) - the "true pacifist" run, is not represented in the NG series. When I ran this it required routing to get the right pickups to get the right boss kills - they were basically any% boss kills.

Pacifist + Low % - Like the above, except you don't route pickups. Boss kills are Low% boss kills. This is gus' run and is arguably the most difficult.

The categories are all pretty granular and equally unpopular, so there's no clear way to choose one to be allowed over another. I think the first question to ask is "what constitutes creating a category" -- if one-run categories that are unique apply, all of the above work. If there's some sort of limitation that should be decided early on and then have categories follow those rules.

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Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

I don't mean to be aggressive, but I also don't plan to hold back and accept the status quo. Mods are not being consistent, even after multiple rule changes. From what I've seen there hasn't been much discussion about what should be, only justification for what is, and with the exception of my run being rejected rule changes have been made to allow existing runs. That rubs me the wrong way.

The first time this happened with the Pacifist run, Messi saw me running and noted that I seemed to be breaking the rules -- I told him the rules the actual category had, we noticed a disconnect, and he contacted the mods about the discrepancy. Garadas very kindly sent me a message telling me he was told that the rules were "always like that" and it was a mistake on the mods part. I told him a few suggestions for further rule changes to fit their intention and that was that. At the time I was unaware the mods he was talking to were mods of a different game, and I just dropped the pacifist run.

This is the second time NG1/2 mods have decided that the rules need to be changed based on my run, this time on a run already accepted and up for a month. The rules still aren't even up-to-date -- you can still pick up extra Lives in pacifist and Low%, and I'm sure someone else would be in the same situation I'm in when they use the extra lives for more health refills in a pacifist run. The "last minute rule change" shouldn't be a thing at all, let alone twice.


Forum: Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

@Beerfullofbelly I'm not against similar games attempting to create consistency across the games (Ninja Gaiden Trilogy runs exist for a reason), but I am against entrants in only one game determining the rules of another. It really is a NG1/2 clique, I checked each name myself. Their desires aren't necessarily wrong or ill advised, but they shouldn't be the arbiters of it because they don't actually play the game and this leads to poor outcomes. I agree that its ludicrous, but my run was rejected and the rules changed by a mod who has no experience with this game and, in doing so, simultaneously invalidated two other years-old runs in his inexperience. That's not a sustainable structure and a poor precedent; there was no review of how these runs would affect existing runs or what would be best for NG3 -- just "is this like the rules we made for NG1". When people say "the ninja gaiden community" they're referring to the community for their game, not this one.

This is also a pattern, and not just a one-off mistake like I believed the first time this happened. The mods in charge of the rules for this board are not creating consistency across the boards or even within the ruleset themselves and, given the lack of attention to the NG3 sub-categories in terms of runs, have arguably constrained NG3 by demanding adherence to what is obviously an unpopular ruleset. The rules have changed, what? Three times? Four, in less than two months? Its a series of half-hearted band-aids meant to make sure things are like the other games, regardless of how the actual runners of the games have interpreted those rules. It doesn't make any sense to follow the rules that someone made for a different game before this site even existed.

The only players who have attempted Low%/Pacifist runs in NG1 that have attempted any runs in NG3 are you, Arcus, and gusmancini. The only person with a Low% or Pacifist run in both is gusmancini, and his run was four years ago. There is no "ninja gaiden community" crossover into Ninja Gaiden 3. Maybe there will be in the future, but there certainly isn't now. Why should an arbitrary group of people's arbitrary ruleset be arbitrarily applied to a different game?

You have greater merit towards NG3 than those who made the earlier decisions because you have actually run the game -- arguably more, since you're experienced in other NGaiden games as well -- but NG3 players should be using NG1 as a guideline, not a rulebook. I see multiple people discussing their different versions of what they think Low% means, but none of them have ever ran Low% or even intend to (Color Theory aside). The response to someone running a dead category with the rules as listed shouldn't be "change the rules and retroactively reject his run", especially when the run itself can't be moved because its a unique category in its own right.

The Any% (No ninpo) was my favorite challenge for Ninja Gaiden 3 but has no equal in NG1 or NG2 -- the closest is Low %, which is markedly different and not nearly enjoyable to me. It's a unique challenge in that its not as brutal as the US version, but you can no longer skip several sections via the firewheel and the boss battles have to be revisited with new strategies due to the lack of ninpo. It's fun! I would love to have a discussion about it with people that play NG3 (and would love to see people run it and had planned to come back to it myself in 2019), but in this thread I see a whole lot of names I don't recognize from NG3 boards.

If the NG1 moderators want the rules listed to be as identical as possible to NG1, transfer the existing runs into a new category with the rules that the runs were originally run with. If possible, alter the rules for "NG3 only" so that way existing runs aren't rejected. Then they can have their empty graveyard categories with NG1 rules and NG3 can also have categories with actual runs.


Forum: Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

I'd also like to add:

Guide to good moderation from

One of the golden rules when it comes to game moderation is:
“You do not decide for the community, the community decides for you.”
Or alternatively:
“You are a representative of the community, not the ruler.”

Right now the entirety of the Low % (J) community is myself, soon to be followed by Color Theory as he has run the game and plans to run this particular category in the future. I'd imagine we could come up with a list of rules for the category in about 2 minutes. Let us?


Forum: Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

@Angrylanks the rules didn't pre-emptively exist -- low% and pacifist don't have universal meanings across and there were no runs of Low% J. The "view rules" button doesn't provide clarification, it provides the rules. The rules aren't even self-evident in the slightest just based on the titles -- pacifist should just be "no non-mandatory enemies can be killed" with no additional changes.... but the people who actually run the category made the rules.

I just started speedrunning in July, haven't played NG1 since I was a child, and never saw NG2 until this year. How would I know what another game's community considers what the rules should be? Even in the case of pacifist runs, where gus ran using NG1 pacifist rules instead of NG3 pacifist rules, gus didn't follow the NG1 rules. Its being viewed as okay because.. why? Its older than a month so he gets a pass? Some unwritten understanding that people came up with before was even created, despite it being expressly forbidden in the rules?

It's bonkers that people keep saying "Ninja Gaiden community" when all the posters in the thread debating the rules only played NG1 and NG2. This is remarkably inconsistent and ultimately stems from the fact that you're trying to cram legacy NG1 rules into a separate game.

Low % (J) was fun to me because it was Any % with no ninpo usage. The vast majority of NG3 "fast strats" involve using the fire wheel and ninpo in key places. Playing through without ninpo brought about a markedly different experience using just the sword, but still enjoyable.

Pacifist (J) before the rule change was enjoyable to me because it involved routing (get the pickups you need for the boss) that was difficult compared to Any%, but just as necessary. You had to manage your health + deaths to make sure you had the right health/ninpo/art for the boss fight, otherwise you'd end up with a slow "low %" style boss fight.

These are both valid categories and were distinct and enjoyable compared to Any %.

In the five plus years this board has existed, there have been three runs in the non-Any% categories: Nanjimao's Low % US, which breaks the listed rules, gusmancini's Pacifist run, which breaks the listed rules, and my Low % (J) run, which didn't break the rules when submitted but will according to the rule change.

You're trying to tell me that "rules already existed and were agreed upon by the community", and I'm telling you that they obviously weren't. With your new rule changes, there are 0 valid runs for any non-any% category for Ninja Gaiden III. None of you play the game actively and only one person has ever submitted any time at all to the game.

Here's my suggestions:

Remove mods that don't play the game. Just because you play NG1 or NG2 is irrelevant to NG3. If you want to be a mod for NG3, play the game and submit a time so you have a deeper understanding. If you don't intuitively know why using up your ninpo early in a run to make your count 0 -- even if it doesn't kill anything -- is a game changer when it comes to boss fights, you shouldn't be making rules that affect that.

Add mods that do play the game. There are several high profile players for this game that I'm sure would be willing, you have your pick of the litter.

Instead of rejecting my run, create an alternate category: Any % (no ninpo). Rules the same as Any %, except Ninpo may not be used for any reason. "But that's a meme category" isn't really a valid defense, as your current choice of action is bringing the number of runs from a 5+ year category from "1" to "0". Why this wasn't discussed -- and why I wasn't contacted at all -- is beyond me, but I'd imagine it has something to do with it not being a NG1 category.

Create and maintain categories that people are willing to play.

There hasn't been a pacifist run in four years. The one time there was, the rules were changed to prevent the run from being submitted so it matched a different game. Have people who actually play Ninja Gaiden 3 decide what "pacifist" really means. Other games have simple, straightforward rules -- "no killing non-mandatory enemies". Maybe NG3's rules need to be more complicated, maybe they don't -- the NG3 players should decide, not NG1 players trying to make a different game fit old SDA rules for theirs. Personally I don't think Pacifist should be "Low % and also don't kill enemies".

There has been only one Low% US and one Low% J run. One has been rejected after a rule change (mine), and one should be rejected shortly as it clearly violates two rules. Have actual NG3 players decide what "Low %" means and alter the rules accordingly. If I wanted to fit the idea of Low %, I would allow the picking up of ninpo but not the usage of it.

What I wouldn't do is then go to the NG1 boards and change their rules to fit mine because reasons. It is incredibly disheartening to have this happen not once, but twice, from people who don't actually play the game but somehow moderate it. The rules have been changed multiple times now for multiple categories -- my run was rejected, another was moved, and checking Low% for NG3 now I see another had the rules altered to allow their run instead of rejecting it. The moderation has been incredibly inconsistent.

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Forum: Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Thread: About Overswarm's NG3 JP Low% in 15:39

Started by: kokorokokoro

I'd also like to challenge the notion that "things were always done in a particular way for the NG series". That may be the case for NG1 and NG2, but it clearly hasn't been for NG3. I would know, because I'm the only person to ever run the category. 😛