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Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

End% Comparison again.

The mortimer guy's time is a bit faster than cheeseballs. If you need help framecounting stuff, Char or I can help.


Forum: The Legend of Zelda

Thread: Is Mesen allowed?

Started by: Jack_GreedJack_Greed

Most of the rule authorizing emulators I've seen is old, especially if it's the old google doc link.

Mesen is pretty accurate and was approved by mods in this post:

(Mesen was how my first runs were done and were approved as well!)

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Forum: Bird Week

Thread: Study Game

Started by: smartalec24smartalec24

Study game just for level 1 is a fine meme category 😃

I didn't learn about it until after the category was created though, should have put a post in the forum. I don't think an IL board is probably necessary for this game in particular, but I do like to have categories that cater to shorter runs to get people exposed to the game. Has a good habit of bringing in runners that would otherwise pass on a 20+ minute run.

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Forum: Starship Hector

Thread: Category Explanation

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

When making this game's leaderboard I decided on only using "Normal", as the 2 and 5 minute are just score-based runs. I'm not opposed to making score-based runs if there is a large enough interest in them as misc categories as a rule, but SRC generally avoids them for a reason so I plan to avoid them as well.

I made "No Turbo" the default category as it is more "traditional" and uses default hardware, but have a turbo category because playing Any% can cause actual physical damage to your hands using an NES controller for long periods of time. The mashing is brutal!

If you are super interested in doing a challenge-type run for this (e.g., Pacifist), let me know. If approved, I'll make the category after you have a run recorded.


Forum: Rod Land NES

Thread: Timing method

Started by: Niss3Niss3

Hi sasquatch!

I ran this game for about a month, but only to the whale. Niss3 was incredibly helpful during this time and, after the event, even stopped by my stream during full run attempts to give advice. I would definitely suggest giving a mod status to Niss3 and listening to his input -- when I asked him what the timing was he told me of the discrepancy and knows the game backwards and forwards in addition to watching others who play it.

I'm glad you changed the rules to something more specific. While I don't agree with SDA timing for every game (start on control, end on loss of control), it's a standard for a reason and fits this game well.


Forum: Gun-Nac

Thread: A guide...kind of?

Started by: X.WhiteX.White

What exactly does the "select" button do? It just has numbers 1 2 3 4 appear above the ship, but no change seems to occur.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Can the Front Page settings have the ability to natively filter games by system?

It shows "Followed Games" at the top, but I basically only run Retro games and almost exclusively NES. Currently my front page shows all sorts of games, most of them I'm not interested in.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Moderator authority request!

Game is: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bird_week

Moderator is RantronBomb, has been inactive for months. Also the only run he posted to the boards is a broken link to a youtube video of a TAS for the game.


Forum: Shiren the Wanderer 3: The Sleeping Princess and the Karakuri Mansion

Thread: No video for only run

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

I did not, specifically because the mods didn't respond to this and there's no video for first place. No point in running against a mystery run.


Forum: Color a Dinosaur

Thread: Clarified Rules

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

You might be able to find it by contacting Twitch -- it's a longshot, but a possibility.

Also meme runs are the best runs.

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Forum: Color a Dinosaur

Thread: Clarified Rules

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Just wanted to note, I updated the rules for each category to clarify the start and end time, including individual levels.

I used existing runs to determine what the start and end time was.

Existing runs that didn't use a timer, stopped at a different time from other runs, etc., are staying live. If you submit a run that you believe beats a run that doesn't have a timer running, let me know and I'll framecount both to determine the difference (as silly as that sounds for Coloring a Dinosaur).

Runs whose videos are "dead" will eventually be removed if the runner can't replace the video / can't be contacted.

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Forum: Rainbow Islands (NES)

Thread: Any% Questions

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Are all gems necessary to submit a run for Any%?

Is the oneshot code allowed? (Gives you shoes/magic pot once in the run)


Forum: The Legend of Zelda (Category Extensions)

Thread: Cateogry Extension DIsccusion - 100%

Started by: breasticklebreastickle

Isn't 100% already defined implicitly based on 200% category?

If you're going to go for a category extension that is, essentially, "do this list of things", I'd suggest just going all out and making a deliberately unique category. Something like a Vanilla Zelda 1 bingo category or just a deliberately arbitrary checklist, not necessarily 100%. The routing for this game is complete enough to where you guys could put together any goal and already have a good idea what the time would be.


Forum: Mini Putt

Thread: Additional rule clarification request

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Can a mod add "you must finish each hole without forfeiting" to the rules for clarification if that is a rule?

It's slower to forfeit than to just finish holes anyway, but Vriaeliss mentioned that he was told he had to complete each hole despite it not being in the rules.

I don't care one way or another whether it is allowed or not, just thought the clarification would be useful for runners since failing a hole to move on is essentially the golf equivalent of a death warp and, should this game be in a marathon setting, might be a legitimate strategy for some holes.


Forum: Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom

Thread: Important Glitches and Timesaves

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

A few important glitches and timesaves for people interested in running this game:

1. Laughing Kettle

The Laughing Kettle can be killed fastest via a "Scroll of Conjuring". This costs 3,500 gold from Boltac's shop. If you get an Air Elemental (preferred), Greater Demon, Djinn, or Golems you can potentially kill the kettle. This gives an obscene amount of experience, taking a character from level 1 to level 14 if they are on their own!

2. Thieves Guild

The Laughing Kettle can be revived for 6,000 gold. Your party needs levels to survive the rest of the game anyway, so if you can get gold quickly you can kill the kettle multiple times if your mage learned Socordi. You can open the door to the thieves guild with your thief or mage after leveling up at the kettle.

3. Ghost Grind

The ghost grind in this is not for XP, but for gold! Stealing from them gets you several high profile items (including the Ring of Frozz, a one-use invoke that gives your mage full spells!) that sell for a lot. You can also buy a special cursed sword called the "Soul Stealer" for 33,750. There is another sword with the same cost you do not want, so it's random chance if you get it.

You can run from the combat to potentially visit another ghost to steal/buy from for speed, but it is good to kill a few to get their items. After identifying them, sell them for the rest of the money you need in the game.

4. Soul Stealer and Demon Statue

At such low levels, it is impossible to reliably deal damage to the big enemy groups you run into. To fix this, we use the Soul Stealer and Demon Statue glitches. By invoking the Soul Stealer (not equipping!) with your fighters, they get large bonus rolls. Having strong weapons is preferred, but not necessary, for your fighters. The Soulstealer CAN break, so be careful to save before using it.

The Demon Statue, when invoked, lowers your VIT by 1 to a minimum of 3. It also increases your HP! By increasing your HP to around 800-900, you should be able to reliably survive throughout the entire game. You can get multiple Demon Statues by returning to the blood pool.

5. The Clones

You have four very difficult clone fights. The "clones" aren't exact duplicates -- the mage will have tiltowait even if you don't! One advantage you can have is to remove members from your party by quitting to town, restarting your party in the maze, but only selecting one or two members. A fighter with the soul stealer glitch can be very useful here.

6. The Sorn

This is the most difficult fight in the game because The Sorn likes to kill your entire party if they aren't buffed by the demon statue to have obscene HP. You have to use Socordi and then wait for the Gatekeeper to remove his shield! If you manage to survive, not get paralyzed, petrified, etc., you are often poisoned at the end and still need to make it home!

To remedy this situation, I'd suggest picking up a Scroll of Latumofis to cure poison before doing the endgame sequence. Alternatively, you can leave one party member behind (like a cleric with Latumofis) and then pick them back up after the battle.

If you're really lucky, you get a potion of Madi. Using one of those to heal your fighter to full after The Sorn is dead is a near guaranteed victory.

7. Text speed

Text is pretty fast, but you can move it to "1" to speed up text quite a bit. This has some disadvantages as you can't read what's happening most of the time, but the option is there!

8. Early Game Gold

No one knows the best way on average to get gold in the early game. The vampire bats, stealing from ironnose, stealing from G'bli, forced door combat, or regular combat grinding are all good strategies with varying amounts of RNG. You want to get to the kettle as quickly as possible and you get the most gold by stealing from G'bli, but need to be a higher level to have a good chance. To get to a higher level you want to kill bats, but the possibiltiy of poison and the length of the combat makes it inefficient at the first sign of trouble. Each reset takes ~15 seconds and you can finish two regular combats that gives you 120+ gold within that time if you're lucky, so save scumming for G'bli might not be the best strategy in general. Someone who spent a lot of time on this could find a lot of timesaves here.

Edit: The now fastest Kettle Kill is 50 seconds from town to Kettle falling off the bottom of the screen! It's rare, but possible.

9. Solo leveling

XP is split amongst your party. Currently, we use a party of 6 to level up as the limiting factor is not XP, but gold, in the early game. That said, reducing your party size to level up the thief faster could be a good way to get more reliable steals which could increase the speed at which you get the scroll of Socordi. Even with reduced HP, with good RNG you could then kill a kettle which would let you into the thieves guild and drastically speed up the early game. That said, you often need cleric levels to heal, the wizard to identify items to sell, and the mage to kill large groups quickly, and fighters are needed early game for sure, so it's difficult to know who to remove from your group and how helpful it will be without doing several runs.

The main "time saves" from leveling are:

Fighters killing things more regularly
Cleric being able to cast Dios more (and having more HP)
Mage being able to cast Melito (great for killing lizard groups)
Wizard being able to cast Dios


Forum: Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom

Thread: Category and Rule Clarification

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

This board is currently only hosting runs for the SNES version of the game, which has some large differences compared to the others. If you would like to run Wizardry V in one of its other releases, let me know and I'll create an appropriate category if need be.

Currently Wizardry V supports both the Famicom and SNES versions. If significant differences between Famicom and SNES are found (e.g., significant glitch differences, Malor bounceback differences, etc.) I will likely split the categories.

I do not currently support the translated Famicom version as I haven't been able to ensure nothing else has been changed. If you would like to help me do this, please contact me with your rationale.

Milliseconds are only used for Reset % and are not considered for other categories.

Any% (no char creation):
This is the default category and involves using the default party. It was chosen as the default due to the large time investment it takes to create characters with proper stats. Character rolls can be as high as 60 bonus points -- getting 6 of those would take hours, if not days. Timing starts from the "enter maze" selection to allow players to rename characters and organize their party without it affecting their time; this makes for a more personal and enjoyable run.

If this becomes the most popular category I'll transfer it to the default category. Character creation was not part of the timing to prevent a lucky roll from saving ten minutes or from making the run "reset until a good first roll", making this run more tolerable.

Laughing Kettle Run:
A shortened version of the normal categories, similar to FFIV Paladin runs or FFVI Narshe runs, that gives a taste of the full game. Killing the Laughing Kettle is one of the fastest ways to level up in the game. Finding a way to kill him quickly is important! This category can have some changes due to there being no need for experience -- just a good scroll of conjuring.

A fun meme run, but also instructive on how to reset your progress in Wizardry V, which isn't obvious at first glance.

Credit Warp:
Credit Warping is possible using ACE in real time. (This category does not accept TAS)

I have not created a Glitchless category yet as I do not believe there is any interest in running this, as it has been several years without a single run of Wizardry V in the first place. If you are running this category I will happily create the category for you. Glitchless would not allow for ACE, Soulstealer glitch, Demonic Figure HP buff, or other obvious glitches and developer mistakes.

No Reset%:
I have not created a No Reset category yet as I do not believe there is any interest in running this category. If you are running this category I will happily create the category for you. This would be Any%, but not allow for resets of any kind. At the cemetery screen after death, you would need to press a button to allow the death of your party and then continue gameplay.

If you have another category you believe is necessary or interesting, let me know once you have a recording of the run available. I do not plan to create arbitrary stopping point categories other than the Laughing Kettle Run.


Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Chardcore and I have been framecounting each other's runs since we started this meme war :B

We were going from input picking operating mode to the first frame showing the character banner after selecting end. I lined up the audio waveforms during framecount so I'm pretty sure the timing is accurate.

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Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

How is end% timed?

Chardcore and I have been frame counting the runs and thought we were accurate, but it currently has us both with the same timing with different frame counts.

I'm also not sure where the 4.292 came from;
211 frames is 3.516 (TAS)
257 frames is 4.283 (one frame faster than my latest run)
258 frames is 4.300 (my latest run)
260 frames is 4.333 (chard's latest run)