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Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Reminder bump again


Forum: Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Thread: Consider modifying/changing the rules?

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

There are three main questions that need to be answered:

1) Where does time start?

2) What advantage would the change provide?

3) Are there any potential hidden issues that might surface in the future?

1) Timing generally starts from power on, from first input, or from control for every game. There are few exceptions. CnD is changed drastically depending on which style would be used and the RNG lock essentially is cutting off 16 seconds of time due to manipulation. In principle this is bad -- you're "playing" the game at this point but the timer isn't running even though your actions are influencing the outcome. In practice, this is good because the game is somewhat improved from this. This is an opinion, but I think it's a pretty universal one at higher levels of play.

2) The only advantage a save state would provide is the 16 second time save. Looking at Xray's attempt counter of 3232 and assuming at least 3000 of those resets were after the 16 second wait, this is 13 hours of his life he has used on the start screen of Chip n' Dale. That is not insignificant, but it would also be only 200 resets after zones B and D, so I'd say over time the 16 second wait is a time save given non-save state starts. Starting from a save state would still be a large quality-of-life improvement.

3) This is the big one. Chip n' Dale was played hundreds of times before people discovered the RNG lock. It is entirely possible that at top level play there is a superior RNG seed, odd glitch, ACE setup, etc., that could be set up via save state and we could be entirely unaware.

Given that the 16 second wait is probably a time save over changing the starting time to "power on" and the potential issues we could run into with a save state start, I think the existing ruleset would be fine.

I do think that a "no RNG lock" category would be a good solution if there was a desire for one.

I'm generally not one to make decisions based on principle so I like these kinds of questions, but I think starting from a save state will almost always have a negative impact.

Now Solstice starting from save states to save time...


Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Reminder about this, the most important of speedruns on, the coveted End%

Rules might need updating for start/end times, Char and I were timing on selecting the input leading to the password screen and on the appearance of the end credits (faces appear), it looks like Mortimer was timing on selecting the "end" button on the password.


Forum: Illusion of Gaia

Thread: New category?

Started by: DontBaguMeDontBaguMe

I've had this game on my "to do" list for a while and I do gotta admit, seeing 100% wasn't actually 100% was a little silly.


Forum: Bram Stoker's Dracula (NES)

Thread: Odd glitch on spawn

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Anyone know what might cause this? This game is part of this year's Halloween Spooktacular but one of the runners experienced this on his powerpak intermittently.


Forum: Flying Warriors

Thread: End% timing

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

End% Comparison again.

The mortimer guy's time is a bit faster than cheeseballs. If you need help framecounting stuff, Char or I can help.


Forum: The Legend of Zelda

Thread: Is Mesen allowed?

Started by: Jack_GreedJack_Greed

Most of the rule authorizing emulators I've seen is old, especially if it's the old google doc link.

Mesen is pretty accurate and was approved by mods in this post:

(Mesen was how my first runs were done and were approved as well!)

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Forum: Bird Week

Thread: Study Game

Started by: smartalec24smartalec24

Study game just for level 1 is a fine meme category 😃

I didn't learn about it until after the category was created though, should have put a post in the forum. I don't think an IL board is probably necessary for this game in particular, but I do like to have categories that cater to shorter runs to get people exposed to the game. Has a good habit of bringing in runners that would otherwise pass on a 20+ minute run.

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Forum: Starship Hector

Thread: Category Explanation

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

When making this game's leaderboard I decided on only using "Normal", as the 2 and 5 minute are just score-based runs. I'm not opposed to making score-based runs if there is a large enough interest in them as misc categories as a rule, but SRC generally avoids them for a reason so I plan to avoid them as well.

I made "No Turbo" the default category as it is more "traditional" and uses default hardware, but have a turbo category because playing Any% can cause actual physical damage to your hands using an NES controller for long periods of time. The mashing is brutal!

If you are super interested in doing a challenge-type run for this (e.g., Pacifist), let me know. If approved, I'll make the category after you have a run recorded.


Forum: Rod Land NES

Thread: Timing method

Started by: Niss3Niss3

Hi sasquatch!

I ran this game for about a month, but only to the whale. Niss3 was incredibly helpful during this time and, after the event, even stopped by my stream during full run attempts to give advice. I would definitely suggest giving a mod status to Niss3 and listening to his input -- when I asked him what the timing was he told me of the discrepancy and knows the game backwards and forwards in addition to watching others who play it.

I'm glad you changed the rules to something more specific. While I don't agree with SDA timing for every game (start on control, end on loss of control), it's a standard for a reason and fits this game well.


Forum: Gun-Nac

Thread: A guide...kind of?

Started by: X.WhiteX.White

What exactly does the "select" button do? It just has numbers 1 2 3 4 appear above the ship, but no change seems to occur.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Can the Front Page settings have the ability to natively filter games by system?

It shows "Followed Games" at the top, but I basically only run Retro games and almost exclusively NES. Currently my front page shows all sorts of games, most of them I'm not interested in.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Moderator authority request!

Game is: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bird_week

Moderator is RantronBomb, has been inactive for months. Also the only run he posted to the boards is a broken link to a youtube video of a TAS for the game.


Forum: Shiren the Wanderer 3: The Sleeping Princess and the Karakuri Mansion

Thread: No video for only run

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

I did not, specifically because the mods didn't respond to this and there's no video for first place. No point in running against a mystery run.


Forum: Color a Dinosaur

Thread: Clarified Rules

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

You might be able to find it by contacting Twitch -- it's a longshot, but a possibility.

Also meme runs are the best runs.

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Forum: Color a Dinosaur

Thread: Clarified Rules

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Just wanted to note, I updated the rules for each category to clarify the start and end time, including individual levels.

I used existing runs to determine what the start and end time was.

Existing runs that didn't use a timer, stopped at a different time from other runs, etc., are staying live. If you submit a run that you believe beats a run that doesn't have a timer running, let me know and I'll framecount both to determine the difference (as silly as that sounds for Coloring a Dinosaur).

Runs whose videos are "dead" will eventually be removed if the runner can't replace the video / can't be contacted.

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Forum: Rainbow Islands (NES)

Thread: Any% Questions

Started by: OverswarmOverswarm

Are all gems necessary to submit a run for Any%?

Is the oneshot code allowed? (Gives you shoes/magic pot once in the run)


Forum: The Legend of Zelda (Category Extensions)

Thread: Cateogry Extension DIsccusion - 100%

Started by: breasticklebreastickle

Isn't 100% already defined implicitly based on 200% category?

If you're going to go for a category extension that is, essentially, "do this list of things", I'd suggest just going all out and making a deliberately unique category. Something like a Vanilla Zelda 1 bingo category or just a deliberately arbitrary checklist, not necessarily 100%. The routing for this game is complete enough to where you guys could put together any goal and already have a good idea what the time would be.