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Started by: Operaticemu5779Operaticemu5779

i don't know if anyone suggested this already, but this is my Pokemon RS bingo speedrun

setup: you must get your starter and pokedex. once you leave the lab, the timer starts

1. must get a bingo to end the run, E4 and Steven isn't required to beat the challenge, but is optional
2. bingos must be obtained 5 in a row left to right, up or down, or diagonally, and free space could also be used to get a bingo
3. you must complete everything on that square unless otherwise mentioned
4. species and OHKO clauses are enabled. Check smogon for what they mean
5. time ends when you either get a bingo or when all your pokemon faint
6. must use's rs board, found here:

hope you find it good to include in the speedrunning community, and feel free to comment any suggestions