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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Fangames are allowed in the Louie series so yea I'm cool with it

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Forum: iCarly 2: iJoin the Click!

Thread: no runs?

Started by: IvoryIvory

I know right it's such a great speedgame

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Forum: Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

Thread: unsubmitted run on the boards

Started by: OmegaFallon

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meant to say "existing run not submitted to the boards" but somehow said "unsubmitted run on the boards" I'm tired


Forum: The Stanley Parable

Thread: 9 Endings?

Started by: eternaloveeternalove

9 Endings is only the "easter egg" endings: stuff like the Whiteboard ending and Song/Voice Over ending. You can basically just think of them as the fat of 21 Endings. They're only given their own category in the CE page because it's kinda just as meme 😛


Forum: The Stanley Parable

Thread: I DEMAND Baby Game Ending

Started by: AgnicAgnic

It's called Art ending; WR is up for grabs.


Forum: Kung Fu Panda

Thread: Cheats?

Started by: OmegaFallon

Would using cheat codes be allowed in Any% NG+? I assume at least the All Upgrades cheat would be, but what about Invincibility/4x Damage?


Forum: The Site

Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Every time I try to reject a run I get redirected to a Chrome error screen saying something along the lines of "The site cannot handle this request."

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Forum: Don't Touch The Spikes

Thread: Announcement: Runs now require verification

Started by: OmegaFallon

Originally I had set runs to not require verification because I felt as though this game was too obscure and too bad of a speedgame to actually have any large number of people running it. However, there are several runners of this game now, and recently a WR has been submitted under a false time. Because of this, runs now require verification from a mod.

Also, if you wish to complain about a false time, don't make a guide for god's sake, make a forum post.


Forum: X-Men (1992)

Thread: More than one runner?

Started by: OmegaFallon

All that would need to happen is for the mods to let us add up to six players to a run.


Forum: X-Men (1992)

Thread: More than one runner?

Started by: OmegaFallon

I haven't done a run yet, but I'm looking in "submit a run" and there's no option for any players other than Player 1. I understand that it'd be difficult to do a run with more than one player on emulator, but what about on an actual cabinet, or the console version?


Forum: Stacking

Thread: Lost Hobo King WR time slightly inacurrate

Started by: OmegaFallon

Factoring in the late timer start and late final split the actual millisecond time would be 3:54.06.


Forum: ilomilo

Thread: Resetting game progress

Started by: OmegaFallon

This question will probably never be answered, but if anyone sees this and has the answer, how do you reset game progress? Currently, it is impossible to do "new save" runs without creating an entirely new profile.


Forum: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PC/Console)

Thread: Original trilogy and prequel trilogy any%/free play catergories

Started by: ZeCookieMonstaaZeCookieMonstaa

There's definitely enough differences for IT (Individual Trilogies) to be significantly different times. If enough people are interested in it or do runs of it I don't see why it shouldn't be added.

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Forum: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Thread: Renaming categories

Started by: OmegaFallon

To fit with series-wide standards:

Any% NG+ should become Replay Story (No Extras).

Any% NG++ should become Replay Story (Extras).

Freeplay should be added.

Any% and 100% remain the same.

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Forum: Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

Thread: faster loads

Started by: TheBlitzmoneyTheBlitzmoney

I'm not familiar with PS3, but what I did to make my loads faster on 360 was install the game onto my console (pro tip: this works for all games, for casual and speedrun purposes). Other than that, I'm not sure if 360 is inherently faster. PC, on the other hand, is naturally faster than all others, but considering the current state of competition (none) I'm not really too worried. Also, hello! Thanks for showing interest in the game. 🙂


Forum: Baldi's Basics +

Thread: 7/7 World Record is timed slightly incorrectly

Started by: OmegaFallon

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In the video, the timer is clearly started late. Retiming this gets a time of about 2:54.277.

By the timer in the video, the last notebook message appears at 2:53.53. Adding in about 23 frames of extra time at the beginning before the time is started (23/30ths of a second) gets the retimed time.