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There are several differences between the versions of this game. The most notable version difference is that the Wii version can skip cutscenes on New Game. However we recently discovered that the Japanese Wii version cannot skip cutscenes on New Game, whereas the NTSC-U and PAL versions can.

-The Playstation 2 version has good controls but slow menu and load times.
-The Wii version has bad controls as well as slow menu and load times.
-The HD remake on Playstation 3 has good controls as well as a fast menu and load times.


There is one difference that only the Japanese Wii version has, which is blooming Taka Pass tree without defeating Waka. This is only possible on NG+ because you need to KT up to the tree, and would save on average 1m40s


The PS4/XboxOne/PC versions do not have the freeform KT glitch.
It has New Game cutscene skips and equal controls and menu speed as the PS3.
Loading times seem to be equal as well
Dragon Orb with any kind of Waterspout is no longer possible


The Nintendo Switch - Japanese Limited Edition Cartridge HD Release has:

Aesthetic changes:
- Menus in Japanese by default (but can switch to English)
- Nintendo Switch touchscreen/joycon/pro controller configurations in the - button menu.
- Massive cleanup on Issun's NG+ menu.

Functional changes:
- Cut-Scene skips by default (no NG+ required, mash the + button)
- Day/night transitions are also skippable by default.
- KT fix (No KT skips, sorry) Tested in NG+ on this version buffered/unbuffered.
- Loading screens can be restored to offer the player opportunities for demon fangs in the - button menu via the "Minigames" setting. This is NOT enabled by default. It is random wether or not you reach the Wii "paw mashing" loading screen or the PS2 "step timing" loading screen for your demon fangs. This is not configurable, its random which screen you get
- No achievement system, achievements need to be tracked manually for platinum% on this platform
- Camera angle is fully adjustable in brush mode with the right stick (with proper manouvering, Queen Spider fights are pushovers in this version) Its possible to zoom the brush cam out by wiggling the stick in a corner where it collides to use your brush techs out of range from where you normally could.
- Kamui's tree can be bloomed through the cursed zone without climbing up to its alcove. Double-jump from the roof of the hut and go into brush mode at the top of the jump, adjust cam and perform the wiggle trick to get the brush cam above the cursed zone smoke. (saves about 1m20s going around the area to bloom it)
- Taka Tree skip is PROBABLY possible with brush cam range clipping but I have NOT tested this yet.