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Hello, is there an active discord for this game? Also has anyone tried running the game on PC? I was wonder if it was slower or had any big downfalls from the PS3 version which looks like the most ran version. Thanks!


Yes! We do have a discord, if you're interested in running the game you can ask us any questions on there. Here's the link

We currently have got one PC run for the Top Dog(All Achievements basically) run and we've tested a couple of things. So for NG+ the PC version is way slower since the game-breaking glitch(KT jump) has been patched, so expect the PS3 version to still reign there. For NG however it's definitely the version you'd want to be running on since it has NG cutscene skips and is waaaaaaaaaay more stable than the Wii version. I'm going to be running NG categories pretty soon myself!

If you have any other questions, i defer you back to the discord link, or you can ask here i guess.

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Awesome! thank you for the link and the info. I am definitely interested in learning more about the speedrun side of this game.