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I've been thinking about what the rules should be for Ogre Battle 64 100% category. There is a lot going on in the game is its hard to decide what to make an actual rule for what is and isn't completing "100%" of the game. For example - collecting "all" items in the game

do we collect 1 of each item?
do we collect the max amount of each item?
do we collect the max amount of possible currency?

Neutral encounters: one of each collected, but do we need to have one of each as a actual unit or is it acceptable to say obtain a hawkman, level it up to a raven and that counts as collected both units, but only having one actual unit?

Classes: kind of the same thing as neutral encounters, do we need to have one of each unique class as an actual existing unit by the end of the game?

there are literally tons of questions to be discussed about what the rules should be for this category so I'd like to hear other peoples opinions on the rules for 100%.

Rules in place so far:

One segment, beat the game as fast as possible.

Time starts when you hit new game, and time stops when you finish the last text box that you can control after downing the final boss.

some rules I have thought of:

Full map unlocked - every location visited and objective completed

Unlock all four element pedras

Post thoughts/ideas below, thanks


I was thinking complete every stage would be 100%
There are 43 stages I believe and I planned to doing a route with every stage completed one I get a better any%


i noticed on some final fantasy runs their categories are Any% and a separate category called "all bosses" we could do something similar with ogre battle and make a run called "All Stages"? im actually really interested in the glitchless category as well


If you do a run with any rules you like I'll add a category for it. There isn't much for runs yet so anything goes for now.


going to pick up this game soon, Glitchless meaning no Item dupe should definitely be on the leaderboards. All Stages should also be there. 100% should be collect one of each item, not sure if some weapon drops must be found at random, or a certain story line must take place, 100% rules are open to discussion but I would imagine it would include unlocking all characters, not entirely sure if having one of each class should be acquired.

so Plz update the leaderboards at least for adding Glitchless + All Stages/true ending


Sorry for the late response. I haven't been on here much lately, I'll add a new category. All characters isn't possible and neither is every class thanks to the unique characters. Every stage is a good start though, and I'll be sure to be on here more often again and maybe get my capture card working on try some new runs myself.