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when sub 1 happens RTA I will lock this thread btw Cappa

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I’ll look into this

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category has been added and I have WR now so heh


If your run uses Amiibo, 2p, assist mode, or the first moon skip exclusive to 1.0.0, submit it to under the "true any%" category.

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@GoodleShoes , it's impossible for us to have the different columns for only the assists sub category. It sucks, but the variables have to be on every one

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@Jumpyluff, “Assists” means things that can help your run (Assist Mode, 2P, and Amiibo). Assist Mode is an assist.


Why is this a thread

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Sixty_nl, the community as decided on which categories are going to be added, but people STILL insist on saying "yeah I have 5 million arbitrary ideas that make no sense" as "category suggestions". It's ridiculous.

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Mods not wanting to be spoiled is one reason, but as zewing said, we wanna stomp on the Day 1 "runners" who will upload casual playthroughs for a free WR. If they don't have the patience to wait a week to submit their precious WR, then they shouldn't be on this site.

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I love how people still insist on trying to make up category ideas when we have the categories ready already.

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did you make this just for odyssey Keepo

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Someone already posted a link to it but I'm gonna make this thread just so more people know <--- permanent link to the server

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Please stop talking about what should and shouldn't be added. The game releases in a week, the mods will decide (aside from the obvious any%).

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We will make video required for runs until we figure out a good time for each category.

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Well, there is no way to do it consistent because the crab placements are completely rng based. However, if you jump while in rock form and press Z, you stop immediately. Do this when you have few crabs left and it makes it a lot easier.

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No matter how long 100% takes, it will be added, along with all moons (unless all moons is 100%).

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MonadoPurge plans on making a better one so we'll see




Edit: I lied again. Leaderboard will be made 1 week after the release. This is for 2 reasons

Mods don’t wanna have to be spoiled to verify runs.

Day 1 runners are not cool for getting “WR”.

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no it will get verified lol. Don't wanna see spoilers don't watch it (can't tell if mardy's post is sarcasm)

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