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Thread: Hello! Is my Big Tower Tiny Square worth a speedrun?

Started by: evilobjectiveevilobjective

Great speed running potential, and also I took the top key. Can’t wait to get into it!


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Thread: 0:46 Possible?

Started by: NovaeuNovaeu

This thread is to simply discuss the possibility of a 0:46, and how it could be theoretically possible, where improvements could be made, etc.


Forum: A Platformer for Ants

Thread: Strats To Improve Time Link Here

Started by: xmvp_vfxxmvp_vfx

Also, if you do use the 3.8s with livesplit method, push start and (whatever hotkey you have set to start the timer) at the same time to reduce the chance of a mistime, this happened to me once and I don't want it to happen to anyone else.

- Keep running