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Ok thanks for the response.
Will do.

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I currently have two runs in pending verification for the game 5xMan, but the mod for the game is not denying or accepting my runs, and they have been active on recently.

What do.


I wish E.Z was more popular, its a tough game but makes for a super fun yet extremely hard speedrun.
Loads of RNG, tough(er) skips and lots of quick reaction times probably dissuade people tho ;/


@theripper999 E.Z, a really challenging platformer that when you die you get sent back to a random level that you already passed, so you can get sent back to an insta death if you're not careful enough.

(I also got the record just before 2019 so that was nice.)

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Getting a WR after 8 months of fails, chokes, and RNG.


I saw a wall of text one day

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The ingame timer is enough, the external timer is just for splits and milliseconds.

I've always gone with killing myself on the hat level, but that can be risky considering that there are levels that are autoscrollers and can make you lose even more time. But if you decide to keep the hat, some levels can become harder to beat, and can cause future deaths anyways. So I personally prefer to lose the hat, and not have to deal with having to be even more precise later in the run.

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They are in order, but they qualify as tied for first due to IGT, but are sorted by RTA, despite being tied for first.
But I can see why that may be a bit offsetting, as it has a lot of repeating numbers and stuff.
(Also what I think it looks like?)

1st | 47.560 RTA | 47 IGT
2nd | 47.680 RTA | 47 IGT
etc, sorry if this isn't what you're thinking of.

Edit: Its not meant to be confusing, its just separating the leaderboards more evenly

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It’s back PogChamp

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Gradient white to silver


I think that it should at least have a flag if someone wants it, whether it isn't recognized by the UN, this is the internet lmao

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon EoS's ending for muliple reasons.
1. The music is PHENOMENAL and is a great ending symphony to a great game.
2. YOUR character finally actually talks, not thinking like the rest of the game.
3. Your partner has to go home alone without you ;~;


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Note: Changed requirement from 30 mins to 20 mins due to the fact that 30 mins is a bit long, seeing the top times right now.


EDIT: Video is now required for under 15 mins, although this game may be dead πŸ˜• | Fun game that is based off of Super Meat Boy, best plot 10/10 and I’m only RTA runner πŸ™ | Small game that is based on the RGB color spectrum, biggest skip is inconsistent tho lmao | Level platformers that every time you die you get sent back to a random level that you passed, fun and my video on YouTube got 70+ views (even tho I have 0 subs)


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updated rules, thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

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As soon as I saw this I thought immediately of this picture

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