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Thread: Run incorrectly approved

Started by: XiaopangXiaopang

The description on his submission says: "full game in 8 h 100%". So the length is probably due to him doing a 100% run and just submitting it to the Any% category since there's no other one to submit it to. But I haven't watched his run so I can't really say for sure if that's the case though.


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Thread: SSBM leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

Update: Break The Targets, 10-Man Melee and 100-Man Melee now require you to include the part where it loads back to the Character Select Screen after completion.
Most runs does this normally anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem. This is added so we can easily detect if someone uses 20XX or other mods.

So just make sure that you don't cut out that part in future submissions!

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Thread: SSBM leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

Update: Dolphin 5.0 (Stable Version) is the only allowed emulator and version.
This makes other emulators, most notable Faster Melee, banned because it has less input lag as well as other features such as UCF, etc. So make sure you have the correct emulator and version before submitting your runs!

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Thread: Smash Stadium Discord server

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

Both links works for me. Not sure what's going on then.

Well here's a new link for you to try anyway: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​PwRPDSF


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Thread: Questions about SSBM records

Started by: mugg1991mugg1991

Suggestion: Add 10-Man and 100-Man Melee
You pretty much have evey single mode, and even misc stuff like Escape from Brinstar, but why no 10MM/100MM? They both deserve recognition. I see no point in leaving these out.

If you want to add them you can use these documents for help:
• 10-Man Melee:
1: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​document/​d/​1tIikoIcwlgb9BtY9ZMxLHJAEUgmWWIvDDiS-IBOe3wY/​edit
2: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1FY1rKecLJBYODzJPyp5hL59ocAl46oDbXJhTbeyHUl8/​edit#gid=719735221
• 100-Man Melee: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1FY1rKecLJBYODzJPyp5hL59ocAl46oDbXJhTbeyHUl8/​edit#gid=1751831805

Allowing Masterhand Glitch?
It's your page, so if you want to allow Masterhand Glitch then that's up to you. I'm not knowledgable about the glitch, but it just seems to remove skill and looks lame. At least for Event 4 from what I can tell. I personally don't like it.

I don't know that much, you're probably better off asking the Discord where the top runners are. Anyway I'll give it a shot for what it's worth.

1) Where can I find all the current RTA HRC world records?
A: I don't follow Home Run Contest, but perhaps this Google Spreadsheet can help you out: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1FY1rKecLJBYODzJPyp5hL59ocAl46oDbXJhTbeyHUl8/​edit#gid=593456232

2) How can I calculate meters <-> feet?
A: Can't you just google for some converter? Or is Melee different from real life?

3) How can I calculate the distance total?
A: Not sure I understand. Just add all together?

4) What is the WR for Btt Samus (on console)?
A: The current World Record holder has a playlist with all his Samus runs, perhaps a few of those might be done on console: https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​playlist?list=PLN_B9KrgBBFYkBDuyREAchZlu0GVmfkvn.​

There's also LDA's former WR which I have no idea if done on console or not:

Otherwise just check Youtube or ask in the Discord.

5) Are any more RTA records emulated and not marked as such?
A: Just ask in the Discord honestly for help. I don't pay attention to whether a run is emulated or not, I also don't have the interested to check.

6) Are there any RTA records I missed (especially for Events)?
A: I have my own Google Docs for Events for personally use, but you can use it if you want. I update it as often as I see a new record pop up: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​document/​d/​1LEEVG-rCyK1jtL_kwKoEIrYedNJTGd6pEyyUe2C3wG0/​edit

There's also this Google Spreadsheet (I linked it earlier about the HRC question): https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1FY1rKecLJBYODzJPyp5hL59ocAl46oDbXJhTbeyHUl8/​edit#gid=907515648

Here's a few that you missed though:

• Event 5: There's a 3rd player who has 10.85, named ZyOn:
• Event 20: The WR is actually 13.78, not 13.85. This is also by DRM0512:
• Event 34: Both Vikingja and Emperor91 also has the Tied World Record of 10.95:
• Event 42: Emperor91 also has the Tied World Record of 4.78:
• Event 44: Keys and Vikingja also has the Tied World Record of 15.58.
• Event 45: Keys also has the Tied World Record of 12.53:

Hopefully I didn't miss anything, you can just check the document that I linked prior if I did. I hope this helps!


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Thread: Capture?

Started by: OpsyrisOpsyris

Depends on the platform that you run on.

Emulator: Any recording software, most people use OBS Studio.
Console: Any Capture Card device.

But just a camera or phone will work just fine to record, as long as the quality is watchable and the timer is readable.

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Thread: Is 20XX allowed for runs?

Started by: NicroVedaNicroVeda

Any mods have already been banned since a long time.

Rules already states:
• ”Usage of mods, savestates, AR codes, and any other form of cheating is forbidden. This includes 20XX, UCF, and C-Stick mods.”


Forum: Syndicate (2012)

Thread: New skips found

Started by: IcoIco

I found an elevator skip on Burning Tower. This saves ~26,7s! Super easy and free!


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Why does no-one use the character column?

Started by: JonoJono

People do use the character colums for their submission. Of course there's going to be runs without video proof that never selected their character though.

You do realise how extremely overwhelming it would be to have categories for all characters on everything? Just because there's more categories wouldn't necessarily create more interest. I think this game has well enough of variety in different categories and IL's to choose from anyway. And even then the game isn't too active on the leaderboards. It's about the quality of the categories, not quantity. You're always free to use any character you want anyway.

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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

I hate the idea of streamlining everything. Now the leaderboards for games will be all the same. There's barely any customization options to personalize the page, which is really bad. I've spent so much time making logos and trying to get the perfect theme, all has now been thrown in the thrash. Such a shame.

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Thread: SSBM leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

Update: Level Leaderboards has made the switch from RTA to IGT.

Previously submissions used IGT but was required to be submitted as RTA. We've now decided that there's no real reason to keep this, seeing that it's quite confusing.

Therefore I've gone through all of the Level Leaderboard and changed the times for runs from RTA to IGT to reflect this rule change.

I hope I didn't make any mistakes, but if you notice anything wrong, please let me know so it can be fixed!

So for new submissions, please submit IGT as IGT!

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Thread: Will FPS affect my submission?

Started by: bluerapids12bluerapids12

You should really take a look into fixing your FPS drops. I don't think Dolphin even requires that good of a computer to at least hold steady 60fps at all times.

As of now though there's not rules regarding FPS on emulators, so until then, I'd say you're fine. Unless it's a Top 3 or so time, I don't think it matters much too be honest.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Co-Op Game

Started by: raisedheartraisedheart

These are the two ones that I've done Co-op in the past, I highly recommend these ones!

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream -
Never Alone -


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: SSBM leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

Update: All runs now require video proof, regardless of their placing.

Since there's been a large influx of submissions to the Level Leaderboards, we've now decided to require video proof for all submissions from here on and out. (Both Full-game and Individual Levels)

All previous runs prior to this new rule change will stay up for now.

So for any new submissons, make sure to record your run!

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: SSBM leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

Update: RTA and IGT has now fully been added to all runs with videos that previously lacked either one of these.

The biggest change was the addition to IGT, since now tons of runs can actually be ranked on the leaderboards! RTA was usually already added to the runs, but I did double check and retimed where it was needed just in case.

It took quite a while for me to get this done, but it's worth it in the end for a more accurate leaderboard.

I hope I didn't miss any runs, nor that I did any mistakes. If I did, please feel free to let me know!


Forum: Vanquish

Thread: Separate pc and console

Started by: ZeCookieMonstaaZeCookieMonstaa

I don't think it's that necessary currently. There are only 1 console run for Casual No DLC and DLC respectively, and the rest of the categories only have 1 runner and further splitting isn't needed at this point. You can always use the Filter to manually check for different platforms anyway.

Also, I feel like it would take tons of work to setup for little to no reward, especially for the Level Leaderboards.


Forum: Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage

Thread: Berserk series

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk should probably also be added to the game series:


Forum: Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage

Thread: Berserk series

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Thank you! 🙂

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: SSBM leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

Update #1: The Rules now specificies that " 20XX, UCF, and C-Stick mods are forbidden
Not too long ago the us moderators discussed whether to allow it or not, and we came to the decision to forbid the use of any mods, such as the popular 20XX, UCF and C-Stick mods.

If you know that either one of these are used in your runs, or if you know other runs that do, please contact any of the moderators so we can remove them!

Update #2: Visuals and formatting improvements of the Rules
I always thought that the state of the rules was previously in a very bad state. They were cluttered and not at all organized. I've since they taken it upon myself to improve the overall visuals and also format them to make it easy to read and know what is what.

This includes headlines such as "General", "Timing" and "Banned" to make it simple to know what type of rules they are.

If there's any suggestions on improvements, feel free to let me know!

Update #3: Added tons of WR's to the Level Leaderboard
There was so much missing runs that wasn't on the Level Leaderboard, so I decided to add all of the fastest time that had video proof.

If you are one of these runners and want them removed, contact any of the moderators and we'll help you!

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