Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Date  
Deln Ys Seven Any% 3:20:00 PSP JPN Link Action RPG by Nihom Falcom, probably fitting for a graveyard shift game.
RadioGaming Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Ground Zeroes Hard Any% 5:00:00 X360 USA Link Usually cleared in about 4:10-4:15
RadioGaming Super Mario Bros. Any% With Warps 6:30:00 WiiUVC USA Link Devrait clocker in entre 5:30 et 6:30 si tout va bien. Sinon, mercy-kill. Race vs TM si je make it. PAS GAME
RadioGaming Light Fall Steam Beta Build 2 All Levels 0:10:00 PC USA Link This might change a bit if the developer uploads an updated build of the game prior to the event.
RadioGaming Super Mario Bros. Any% With Warps 0:07:00 WiiVC USA Link Repost de l'autre submission (estimate qui est correct)
RadioGaming Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Ground Zeroes Hard Any% 0:05:00 X360 USA Link Repost de l'autre submit avec un bon estimate.
mastafredz7 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : The Movie Any% 0:25:00 Genesis USA Link On se croise les doigts pour de bons RNG!
azder Super Metroid Redesign 100% 4:00:00 WiiVC Link I will be working on the run/route some more, so it's possible the estimate may need to go down 10-15 minutes.
FireFoXz Star Fox Zero Any% 0:45:00 WiiU USA Link Un peu rouillé mais je crois pouvoir fair eun temps décent de ce jeu. :) Run en français de préférence mais bilingue au besoin.
zerolaggaming Secret of Mana 1P2C 2:40:00 SNES USA Link Brain%
zerolaggaming Megaman X4 Zero 100% 0:50:00 PS2 USA Link Swag%
zerolaggaming Outlast Any% 0:15:00 PS4 USA Link LeJeuEstPasGlitcherDuTout%
zerolaggaming Castlevania Symphony of the Night Any% NoSaveCorruption 0:30:00 X360 USA Link MusicKreygasm%
Flotsa Mirror's Edge Any% 0:45:00 PC USA Link I won't be able to run on friday if my run is before 7PM, game needs one additional mod for windowed mode which I can bring on a USB, if needed.
gvirus Axiom Verge Any% Warpless 1:00:00 PC USA Link That would be great!
gvirus Super Adventure Island 2 any% Race 1:10:00 PC USA Link Race with Jeedunit
gvirus AM2R (For real this time) any% All Metroid 1:10:00 PC USA Link Will practice this time.
gvirus Shadow Complex Remastered any% NG+ Normal 0:15:00 PC USA Link Will fix save file issue before the event
gvirus Strider Any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link Dis topkek
Hyxost The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Any% 5:00:00 Wii JPN Link Pb: 4:27:43, long, fun, en francais, QSR
Hyxost Super Mario 64 16 Star 0:20:00 Wii USA Link Pb:16:59, court, fun, en français, QSR
Fozzy The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D MST 2:40:00 3DS USA Link salty runback
gvirus Bootleg Systems Demo Any% 0:02:00 PC USA Link The best.
TM SOS Best Ending 0:22:00 SNES USA Link c'est palpitant
TM The Little Mermaid Any% or 3 Laps 0:09:00 NES USA Link Offering as a race with whoever. Estimate for 3 Laps would be 25min.
LaBrosse Super Mario 64 16 star 0:20:00 WiiVC USA Link Soumission dans le but de faire une race contre Hyxost. Peut donner lui à une race très serré et hype.
LaBrosse Refunct Any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link Un estimate de 10m est vraiment large pour ce jeu, car si tout va bien, la run va prendre moins de 4 minutes, mais au début il y a 2 trucs qui peuvent demander 1 ou 2 reset. Platforming intense, rapide et nerveux à la première personne.
RadioGaming The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Any% 0:04:00 SNES USA Link Potentiel d'un bon filler-run pour boucher un spot quelconque.
gvirus Strider Any% 0:10:00 NES USA Link Dis. Ignore previous one.
zerolaggaming TMNT IV Coop% 0:30:00 SNES USA Link Coop avec LilxstarxJo Speedrun montrant le wrong warp skippant Technodrome.
Deln Crystal Beans from Dungeon Explorer Any% 0:48:00 SNES JPN Link .
rockdet Gyruss any% 0:30:00 NES Link I be the WR holder
rockdet Super Mario Bros. 3 any% no wrong warp 0:17:00 NES USA Link that PB is likely to be really improved by then
Shokushu Super Metroid Randomizer Casual 1:30:00 SNES USA Link Race with JeedUnit + potentially 2 more
Shokushu Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition All Skills no OOB no TA 1:00:00 PC USA Link hopefully KBM this time
Shokushu Child of Light Any% 2:00:00 PC USA Link :ok_hand:
LovenityJade Twisted Tales of Spike McFangs Any% 1:20:00 SNES JPN Link The video is old from SNES Super Stars Marathon 2016. I will try to upload a new video. The game is a light hearted action RPG that is pretty straight forward. Beside the grind fest, it's a pretty fun game to watch and very underrated that would be fun for people to know about !
LovenityJade Gunmetal Arcadia -Zero- Any% (Normal) 0:30:00 PC USA Link A new game from the creator of You Have to Win the Game and Super Win the Game. A very nice and solid action platformer in the spirit of Zelda 2 and Faxanadu. Nice visual and the speedrun is fast as this game is conceived to be speedrun.
rockdet The Adventures of Captain Comic any% 0:15:00 MS-DOS Link the real deal
rockdet Super Mario Bros. 3 any% no whistle 1:20:00 NES USA Link yay
TM Super Metroid Randomizer Casual 1:40:00 SNES USA Link Race with Shokushu, JeedUnit and hopefully WhyNotCoconut :>
Dracula013 Mario Kart 8 48 Tracks 1:50:00 WiiU USA Link I can run this category with item and itemless, it's about the same time, just hope for the RNG god to be with me and don't send me to many blue shells if I do it with item
Dracula013 Mario Kart 8 32 Tracks 1:15:00 WiiU USA Link First part of the run, can do it with item or itemless, about 2 or 3 minutes longer with item, but 100% more chance of saltyness with blue shells Kappa
Dracula013 Mario Kart 8 DLC Tracks 200cc 0:40:00 WiiU USA Link Last part of the video, starts at 1h06min of the video, can do with item or itemless, about 2 or 3 minutes longer but who doesn't like to see a blue shell fall on the leader? (Only the leader)
Deln Kona Beta Build 0:15:00 PC USA Link lol
Darko Mega Man 10 Any% 0:40:00 Wii JPN Link Commando en premier, le futur
babanim Megaman X 100% 0:40:00 SNES JPN Link MMX hundo !
LovenityJade Mighty Gunvolt Any% 0:13:00 PC USA Link Megaman 8-bit style game. Any% Gunvolt run.
Realtyz Axiom Verge Any% Warpless Race 1:00:00 PC USA Link I ll race against Gvirus. Axiom Verge is develloped by Tom Happ.
Realtyz Teslagrad Any% 0:40:00 PC USA Link Teslagrad is a metroidvania game with the character controlling magnet with his glove.Also, the game have above 10 skip with some boss skip.
Realtyz Axiom Verge Any% Hard 1:05:00 PC USA Link The Difference between hard and normal is the health drop it become rng and the health of boss are double or more then usual.Also, Boss like Ukhu need 2 cycle instead of 1.
frankib0y Resident evil 4 Separate ways 0:35:00 PC USA Link This is my personal best time on my speedrun of résident evil 4 separate ways ^^
pidgezero_one Super Mario RPG Any% 3:10:00 SNES JPN Link Super Mario RPG is a speedgame that has gained a solid following over the course of the last year with its 20th anniversary races and inclusion as the finale of SGDQ 2016. The population of runners has skyrocketed and the viewers have followed suit. The gameplay is half-RPG, half-platformer, with a unique action-command-based battle system. This unusual fusion of genres requires good execution of skills normally only seen in one or the other, such as quick menuing and flashy overworld movement. The game has a unique battle system which requires additional inputs in small frame windows, separating it from most RPGs at the time, and its relative lack of RNG-based damage requires strong execution for success. The speedrun only uses two major glitches, and the rest of the run is optimal fight strats and good platforming. It is a condensed showcase of what this beloved game has to offer, and fans will enjoy seeing battle strats and techniques (such as 100 super jumps) that they likely had never thought of or accomplished as kids. Although it is a long run, the speedrun is a very fun one where there is always something happening. Linked video is my PB (2:55:46). WR by comparison is 2:50:11. I am 8th place on the leaderboards as of this submission date. I ran this game at Games Finished Adequately 6 to positive crowd and stream feedback, and believe I could make this a really fun run for the crowd. My PB was not adequately commentated in the style I would have liked to do for a marathon, however a sample of my speedrun commentary can be seen here: I co-commentated this race with my good friend Dorkmaster Flek. Although I was not playing in this video, I am very confident in my ability to commentate my own run similarly.
Flotsa Dustforce DX Scrub% (Any% minus "The Difficults" level set) 1:00:00 PC Link Input heavy 2D platformer with some skips and tech. Scrub% is a race category (and therefore not on, and since it skips doing "The Difficults", a set of levels not found in the normal nexus, the run is much easier and more consistent than normal any%. Requires a mod from a community site, installs to steam directory folders.
Darko Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% 0:15:00 WiiVC JPN Link The Excellent Adventure of Toadecks and Luigi Ross
Tohloo Super Time Force Ultra All Missions 0:35:00 PC Link Really sick and fun action platformer with really unique mechanics, this is the NG category that completes every level in the game
Tohloo Super Time Foce Ultra Super Hardcore All Missions 0:32:00 PC Link Really sick and fun action platformer with really unique mechanics, this is the NG+ category that completes all the levels in the game. It has more character variety and more intricate strats than a NG run
Tohloo Shovel Knight Any% (Plague Knight) 0:45:00 PC Link Shovel Knight but actually played with the fastest character
Tohloo Shovel Knight NG+ (Plague Knight) 0:42:00 PC Link Shovel Knight but played with the fastest character and also he is super overpowered because he has all of his movement and damage tools from the start
Tohloo Momodora: RUtM Any% (Normal) 0:30:00 PC Link Nice action packed metroidvania inspired darksouls like anime thighhighs
Tohloo Momodora: RUtM Any% (Insane) 0:35:00 PC Link Nice action packed metroidvania inspired darksouls like anime thighhighs also you die in 1 hit
RealBread Metroid Prime Any% 1:35:00 GCN USA Link :fire: speedgame with cool movement tech and interesting tricks. Sub hour au marathon le go.
RealBread The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time No IM/WW 1:35:00 N64 JPN Link Cool run pas trop longue et assez safe. Environ 3 minutes de new stuff depuis mon PB.
Dracula013 Conker's Bad fur Day Chapters 100% 2:20:00 N64 USA Link S a l t y R u n ' s B a c k
Dracula013 Conker's Bad fur Day Beat the Great Mighty Poo 0:30:00 N64 USA Link Qui n'aime pas le Great Mighty Poo? Je submit cette run là un peu en troll/bonus si on a du temps de lousse, juste le temps de faire les premiers chapitres rapides pour me rendre au Great Mighty Poo et se faire pas mal de fun et mettre un peu le party au LAN avec tout le monde qui chante en coeur les superbes paroles de ce classique de l'opéra, because ''I am, the Great Mighty Poo and I'm going to throw my shit at you''
ChronoMakers XeoDrifter 100% 0:45:00 PS4 USA Link XeoDrifter fait à 100% sur PS4 sans glitch
desfel Rabi-Ribi 10TM Casual 0:50:00 PC USA Link Dude, like, wo
Fivexual Mirror's Edge Any% 0:45:00 PC Link Willing to do a two player 1 keyboard and mouse with Flotsa if it goes well in practice (estimate 50min).
skateman222 EarthBound Any% Glitchless 4:35:00 SNES USA Link Cult classic game with an interesting variety of speedtech for an RPG. Most speedtech involves different ways of dodging enemies to save time. Video is my non-manipulated PB, which is what I will be doing in a marathon setting. I can consistently get sub-4:30, but putting 4:35 for marathon luck that will inevitably happen.
skateman222 Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Any% Shantae Mode 1:20:00 PC USA Link Another marathon, another Shantae run? This is the most recent installment of the Shantae series that came out late December 2016. After only 2 weeks of the game's release, the game has been proven to be just as broken as the previous games. The video I submitted is the glitchless category, as it was a better run by me, however, you can also check out the video link at the end of these comments to see all the cool skips you can do in the OoB category. Glitches include out of bounds, wall clips and the best glitch ever, HOLY CRAB (go to 57:00 in the below video). OoB probably only cuts 2 minutes or so, but new discoveries are still being found everyday. OoB Run:
Biglaw Tony Hawk's Underground Any% Beginner 0:38:00 PC USA Link Very recently got this PB, feeling very confident with a 38 minute estimate. I have run THUG at two marathons, and would love to have it be at LAN ETS.
Biglaw Fable: The Lost Chapters Any% 1:32:00 PC USA Link Fable was my first speedgame, and I have played it at one marathon previously, preNASA 2016. It has only been at two marathons as far as I know, and would love to see it played at more of them.
SuperBigKMart Kirby's Adventure any% No Major Glitches 1:00:00 WiiVC USA Link J'apporte ma Wii, mais j'ai juste mon fil component
SuperBigKMart Kirby's Adventure 100% No Major Glitches 1:05:00 WiiUVC USA Link J'ai ma Wii, j'ai des fils component cependant
SuperBigKMart Goof Troop Goofy 0:35:00 SNES USA Link C'est ma main run à ce jeu là, mon SNES a sauté et je pratique sur ma Wii en émulateur. J'ai la cartouche
SuperBigKMart Goof Troop Max 0:35:00 SNES USA Link Mon SNES a sauté et je pratique sur ma Wii en émulateur. J'ai la cartouche
SuperBigKMart Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers any% 0:15:00 NES USA Link C'est débile ce jeu là,et si Terran se pointe, possibilité de race. J'ai la cartouche, la console, une manette et du bonheur dans mon coeur
SuperBigKMart Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers All Zones 0:20:00 NES USA Link C'est débile ce jeu là, j'ai la cartouche, la console et une manette et de la joie de vivre.
Tohloo Oniken Any% 0:25:00 PC Link Fast NES ninja like speedgame
TheMalaki64 The Legend of Zelda : a Link to the Past No Major Glitches 2:00:00 SNES JPN Link ill try to dont bust the estimate this time Kappa
TheMalaki64 little mermaid any% 0:09:00 NES USA Link Possibly a race with tm ??
Darrow25 Super mario 64 120 star 2:15:00 Wii USA Link SM64 120 STAR RUN
SNeaky Momodora: RUtM Any% (Normal) 0:30:00 PC Link I'm submitting this as a race with Tohloo.
Flotsa Dustforce DX (resubmition) Scrub% (Any% minus "The Difficults" level set) 1:00:00 PC Link Resubmitting because I forgot to mention that I probably won't be able to be there before 7:00PM on friday. Same note goes for my Mirror's Edge submission.
SNeaky Titan Souls All Bosses (100%) 0:25:00 PC Link Titan Souls is a cool little action/puzzler where you have one arrow and you have to make it count. All Bosses is a marathon-friendly run featuring 19 quick boss kills which are made to look very easy.
JeedUnit Buried Treasure (SMW Hack) Any% 0:45:00 SNES Link Might have to run on emulator
Realtyz Oscura lost light Any% 1:10:00 PC USA Link Oscura is a linear level after level game with 3 different power.
ZergG911 Sparkster Any% normal 0:25:00 SNES USA Link I didn't get the time to practice for shantae so I'm going with my sparkster run, it's quick, it's fun to watch and it's quite challenging!
Obiyo Diddy Kong Racing Adventure 2 100% 2:10:00 N64 JPN Link The 100% adventure 2 run of DKR is a very fast and mouvement based but also showcases a few big out of bounce and glitches that speeds up the run. Adventure also makes the run harder because of the different location of the silver coins.
Obiyo Diddy Kong Racing Any% 0:55:00 N64 JPN Link The any% run feature some of the tricks that are not seen in any other category's and are prety unique. Like 100% is also very mouvement based and fast. The estimate is high because the fastest route requires some RNG to happen, otherwise i need to take a slower route wich loses a few min to allow me to finish the run.
Obiyo Donkey Kong 64 Any% 0:40:00 N64 USA Link This route of Any% uses alot of back to back glitches that are very difficult to execute and makes the run very impressive. For a marathon setting, i would be using some in-game built cheats like infinite oranges to asure that i can finish under the estime since the run can be very brutal.
Obiyo Donkey Kong 64 No Levels Early 2:30:00 N64 USA Link The No Levels Early run of DK64 is a run where you cannot access any level without having the key to unlock the lobby and having the required amout of banana to clear the B-Locker blocking the entry. This makes it a run with alot of glitches to get as many golden bananas as fast as possible and features all the main bosses of the game. It is a very trick intensive run and a very good watch!
Obiyo Banjo-Kazooie 100% 2:45:00 N64 USA Link BK 100% requires getting all 900 notes, all 24 honeycomb pieces and all jiggys in the game. This is a very mouvement intensive game with a few clip and mechanic abuse here and there to speed up the process.
desfel Furi Speedrun Mode 1:00:00 PS4 USA Link Extra time for all the RNG shenanigans
acegamersam BattleBlock Theater Any% No Level Skip Co-Op 2:00:00 PC USA Link En mode coopératif avec CindyPixels. Ne peux pas présenter le jeu vendredi soir.
acegamersam Chiki Chiki Boys 100% 0:30:00 Genesis USA Link Pas le vendredi soir.
acegamersam World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Any% 1 Player 2 Controllers 0:30:00 Genesis USA Link Pas le vendredi soir.
DD_Gamingz Mega Man no glitch 0:30:00 NES USA Link Pas ma meilleure run mais acceptable.
Thaan Oniken any% 0:20:00 PC Link can also run mission 7 as a extra
Thaan Bloodrayne Betrayal any% NG+ 1:10:00 PC Link NG+ is just for max health, max hp nothing else
quo The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap any% 2:05:00 GBP JPN Link A fast paced 2D Zelda game, the first half of the run focuses a lot on movement and fights while the second half of the run is glitch heavy with lots of interesting skips and breaks. Cutscenes are infrequent, giving lots of uptime to gameplay.
quo The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap any% TAS 1:38:00 PC JPN Link Minish Cap TAS done by me and Tompa, the upside to viewing the TAS would be that it's faster (obviously) but also leaves more freedom for commentary since I wouldn't need to focus on playing. Full game TASes are rarely seen at marathons and would be a nice change of pace from the real time runs.
quo Pokemon Snap any% 0:25:00 WiiUVC USA Link One of the most inexplicably successful n64 games, snap runs dive into the game's mechanics to control your speed, manipulate the Pokemon and get good pictures. Although snap seems like an on rails shooter, there is actually quite an amount of tech involved to speed up the game. I would be running this on the U version since it doesn't have the weird graphical glitch that you see in my pb in volcano
quo Pokemon Snap 100% 0:30:00 WiiUVC USA Link 100% requires getting pictures of all 63 pokemon, making it a bit longer but cuts out most of the boring part of any%. It does add a stupid rng part that could lose a few minutes but the estimate reflects that possibility.
quo Pokemon Green any% 0:07:00 3DSVC JPN Link Any% utilizes a japanese only glitch that effectively lets us go from the beginning of the game to the hall of fame before we get back to oak to get the pokedex. Really fun run to watch if you've never seen it
quo Fire Emblem: Awakening any% 0:50:00 3DS USA Link In classic fire emblem sense, we dump all our exp into one character and sweep the game with her thanks to a combination of being unkillable after chapter 4 and useful skills. No glitches here but we still manage to break the game fairly well. The video should have everything you need to know about a marathon run.
slvr Crash Bash Any% Co-op MM 1:30:00 PS USA Link This run is a Co-op run performed by myself and Nitrofski. The memory manipulation (MM) glitch is a save menu out-of-bounds which allows us to write several zero bytes into memory and thereby directly alter significant portions of the game in order to beat it as fast as possible. Commentary will most likely be bilingual, but you don't need to know either french or english to know it makes very little sense.
Nitrofski Crash Bash Any% Co-op 1:30:00 PS2 USA Link This run is a Co-op run performed by myself and SilverAltar. The memory manipulation (MM) glitch is a save menu out-of-bounds which allows us to write several zero bytes into memory and thereby directly alter significant portions of the game in order to beat it as fast as possible. Commentary will most likely be bilingual, but you don't need to know either french or english to know it makes very little sense.
Nitrofski Spyro: Year of the Dragon 117% 3:45:00 PSTV USA Link The longest run for this game, yet still an interesting one for untrained eyes. This run gathers all the gems and complete every challenge in order to finally fight the final boss in a (potentially) very anti-climactic fashion, and get the original completion count of 117%. This run would be suitable for a grqveyard shift.
Enkidudu44 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitchless Child Dungeons 1:20:00 N64 JPN Link Salut! jai assiste au marathon l'annee passe et ca ma donne la picure pour la speedrun. jai commencer a jouer a OoT cet ete et je run principalement la category Glitchless. Je nai malheureusement pas eu le temps de recorder la run au complet avant le deadline pour les submissions. jai donc soumis seulement Glitchless Child dungeons. je vous enverrai le video pour la category au complet si ca marche avec vous mais le Estimate Time est plus de 5:00 heure pour la run au complet je sais pas si cest trop long. en tk ca serais cool si ca marche sinon bah jvais venir voir les runs pareil!! on se voit au Lan ets les boys! Enkidudu
DD_Gamingz DD_Gamingz No Zip 0:40:00 NES USA Link Pas ma meilleure run non plus (presque 3 minutes plus lent) mais j'enregisterais pas dans ce temps la. J'ai fait la video aujourd'hui expres pour ca. Enjoy ;)
DD_Gamingz Mega Man 2 o zips 0:40:00 NES USA Link Pas ma meilleure run (environ 3 minutes plus long) mais comme j'enregisterais pas a cette epoque, jai fait cette video vite fait aujourd'hui expres pour ca. Enjoy !
Acmlm The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Any% no major glitches 1:35:00 SNES JPN Link A little rusty now, but this was my main game for years. (in French, not before Friday 8 PM, would be played on sd2snes flash cart but I have a U.S. cart too)
Eusthenope Contra Any% (2 Player) 0:14:00 NES USA Link JmrjMrjmR - Player 2
Acmlm Dr. Mario 0-20 0:35:00 SNES JPN Link Drop pills fast and efficiently, easier said than done (played on sd2snes)
Acmlm The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Any% 2:05:00 GBP JPN Link I've been running this since a few months, could be up for a race
Dracula013 Mario Kart 64 No skip 0:50:00 N64 USA Link Race avec Rockdet ou Obyio (ou moi-même), n'importe qui qui veut racer. Cette run là c'est comme le worst case scenario. MK64 est une run intéressante, ultra technique. La run est fast-paced et très peu de réel RNG qui peut venir troller.
Obiyo Mario Kart 64 150 CC no skip 0:45:00 N64 USA Link its mk64, and its a race
PmGab doom 2 Ultra violence any% 0:35:00 PC USA Link FPS from 1994
PmGab Doom 1 Ultra violence any% 0:35:00 PC USA Link FPS from 1993. Doom 1 has 3 episodes, Ultimate doom added 1 more episode, which I will be doing as well. Same game.
SNeaky Momodora III Easy Any% 0:13:00 PC Link An action platformer that goes really fast.
Bismuth Snailiad Any% 0:08:00 PC Link Only way this could go beyond 8 minutes is if I die to the final boss, which I've gotten better at not doing
Bismuth Donkey Kong 64 Bingo 1:10:00 N64 USA Link Shamelessly using Obiyo's video because I never highlight my bingos. Race with Obiyo. Average bingo is around 55 to 60 minutes, but bad boards can easily take up to 1:10.
Obiyo Donkey Kong 64 Bingo 1:10:00 N64 USA Link Example of a DK64 bingo, probably one of the best game for that type of run. Would be a race with THE bismuth. Also card is in video description