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So the second round of cuts for ESA2017, the annual live speedruning marathon here in Sweden, are done and I have two games in - one of which being Ninja Smasher!, of course.

It's currently on the schedule as Glitchless Any% (Chain Sickle ofc) because heh the game and categories changed a lot so I updated my submission like three times in the span of one week. I'll see if I can get to do All Items instead. If not, that's fine.

So yeah, in either case, as long as I don't end up entirely unable to go, Ninja Smasher! is getting a marathon showing this summer. I am excited.


That will definitely help this game get more popular. Good luck with the run


And if anyone that's interested missed it at the time, the ESA run is now (well, as of a week ago) up on Youtube:

Was a mostly decent run.