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The only way to fix this would be to get rid of the platform separation altogether. The overview page that shows all IL records in the grid isnt set up very well for having sub-categories like our PC/N64/DC separation, so it only displays the first of these sub-categories. To see the records on other platformd you unfortunately need to click on the level and manually go to the tab for the other platform. This is unfortunately just the way the site is coded, but I'm sure we'll get new PC records submitted soon so that it wont be as empty


I didnt time loads either but in my experience Dreamcasts tend to load very slowly especially compared to PCs, so I probably have a disadvantage. But honestly I don't mind keeping RTA

ingame time would fix the load time differences between Dreamcast and PC and also between different PCs. The downsides to ingame time are it ignores all menuing (which honestly I would argue is at least to some degree part of the run) and it's less accessible. For a very short category like Driver's Test, ingame time might work. But if there are any plans for like full game runs or something that take much longer, IGT seems unreasonable to me, not only cause it would be a huge pain to calculate, but also because a long full game run would have more emphasis on menuing and routing which would not be accounted for by ingame time.


it just makes your hitbox more narror so you can maneuver between obstacles more easily without touching anything. Usually gets used while boosting, so you avoid hitting things and getting the boost cancelled


Welcome, good to see you! If you use Discord, there is a server linked in the sidebar where the community hangs out, we'd all be excited to see you there


I think the DS version would probably be a vastly different game than this version. It would probably best to request it as a new game on the site. You can do that by going to the Games page and clicking "request a new game"


Moderators can submit runs for other people, but "regular" users only submit for themselves

My guess for that would be that the lap that you first trigger from the transform launch counts as glitchless, since you dont really skip anything of the track. But I'm not a mod so I dont make the rules


3D Sonic games typically dont have glitchless categories cause itd be too arbitrary to define what exactly is a glitch and what not

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Check the "Individual levels" tab on the left, that should be what youre looking for (these boards are really dead tho cause theyve only recently been added but that doesnt mean people cant start using them)

New public Sonic speedrunning community Discord server, including a Sonic Adventure 2 channel, open to join!

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i'm not sure I understand your question, but there's always gonna be some damage somewhere on your Racer. Droids repair parts over the course of a race, and the maximum number of droids you can have is lower than the number of upgrade parts you can have, so having some parts of your racer damaged at any time is unavoidable


In Sonic Adventure 2 we were in a similar situation. We added IL boards here on SRcom, which were previously hosted only on an external site. We copied over the top recorded runs manually ourself, and from there on just kept it up as a separate board for anyone to submit who wants, and now both leadeboards exist parallely and get used


I would suggest to add the distinction of Glitched and Glitchless in 100% and All Cups as well. It exists in any% and in my eyes should exist in the other two categories on the same grounds

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since I recently got back into this game, I've just messaged werster about adding new categories and adding a dedicated moderator for this game (instead of only Sonic series mods) and I'm hoping it can be sorted out soon

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Probably the best if you moved over the runs that are currently on the full-game leaderboard yourself so you don't rely on the (potentially inactive) runners to update their submissions.

I'm not sure if it's possible to edit a submission and move it from a full game to single segment category, but you can definitely delete the existing runs and resubmit them yourself on the IL boards

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We've finished the games list for the upcoming marathon. You can view it here:

We will be working on the schedule soon


Another ~2 weeks left for submissions!


sounds like you can submit them for the NG+ category then? Assuming the issue is that you did the run on an already existing profile


Ingame time only is being used for runs sub 50 minutes RTA, and we actually will remove the IGT from any submission that dont meet that threshold. We don't want to require ingame time and video proof for every submitted run cause that might turn off new runners and would also mean a whole lot more work for the mods. So we only have ingame time and required video proof for runs that are more competitive. The reason we have to remove ingame time for runs over the 50 minute mark is because otherwise it will mess up the rankings. The leaderboards are set to IGT, and as result of that, any run, no matter how slow it is, would be ranked higher than a run of, let's say, 51 minute RTA that does not have IGT submitted. To prevent that, the best possible way is to just have +50 minute runs be strictly timed by real time


I'm making this post preventively because I'm sure these questions will come up at some point (and have in the past when these categories have been discussed in the community Discord):

"There are Knuckles and Rouge Centurion. What about the other characters?"
Knuckles Centurions have first been done as practise, to learn all the emerald hints. The structured repitition of the levels made this category ideal to practise these, and the randomness involved in the levels made it interesting to play, despite having to beat the same level over and over. Because of this, over time, Knuckles Centurions have become a very popular category with lots of entries on the leaderboards. However, while it certainly is possible to do centurions for other characters and a handful of people have done it, the main reasons why Centurions for Knuckles and Rouge have gained such a large popularity are not existent for Centurions of other characters.

"Can you add other Centurions anyways?"

"There is Hero story low%. Why not Dark story or All stories low%?"
The reason is simple: The fastest way to beat Dark story already collects the least upgrades possible, therefore in practise there would be no difference between the two categories. Only in Hero story you collect skippable upgrades that actually help you in the run, making low% slower and more difficult.

"Why are the Knuckles stages x20 and the Rouge stages x25?"
Because these categories can be seen as segments for a full centurion. Knuckles has 5 stages in a centurion, therefore each one has to be played 20 times to make 100 stages. Rouge has 4 stages in a centurion, therefore each has to be played 25 times to make 100 stages. This system has been carried over to these sub-categories.

"Why are the Knuckles stage x20s and Rouge stage x25s but not for stages of other characters?"
The same reason why there are no Centurions for other characters.

If there are any more questions, feel free to ask them, either in this thread or make a new thread. If I find them to be relevant, I'll add them to this post.

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Argick has been doing All Emerald runs, which for the time being have been put on the regular leaderboard. iirc the reason it hasnt been added yet was cause there was not enough interest in it, but if more start running it thatd be a good basis for that to be changed

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