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Thread: how do you capture just your switch

Started by: [Deleted user]

Personally I use this:
It's economic, it records and streams in 1080 and has close to zero input lag.

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Forum: Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match

Thread: Add Switch Platform

Started by: NikolausNikolaus

Since GuP Dream tank Match DX Has released on Switch, maybe it'd be a good idea to add that platform? I really want to submit content here but since I don't play on PS4 I can't 😖


Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: New category idea

Started by: LgenommenLgenommen

In my opinion that's not a bad idea, but I'd rather playing only 16 levels for several reasons.

First of all, the more levels you play, the more your timing will be based on luck and not skill, which removes all of the fun from the challenge. Second, I believe that 100 levels is too boring to watch and play, even more in easy where most of the levels are not the best. Last but not least, and this is just my opinion, long speedruns of games that require Internet to run are not a good idea.

That's why I believe it should stay as it is right now, but let's see what everyone thinks. Have a nice day!

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