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Thread: Can't moderate

Started by: chewchewchewchew

It looks like I'm a super mod, so I went and looked around at it for a bit - it seems the abbreviation you chose for the game (n+) caused problems for loading everything else properly; I've changed the abbreviation to Nplus, and left the title the same: "N+", and everything else loaded just fine.

¤¤EDIT:¤¤ This could be a site bug that needs to be dealt with; not sure if that behavior is supposed to be considered normal or not.


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Thread: List streams for alternate game titles on Twitch?

Started by: NightfirecatNightfirecat

Could we get an option to add a list of game titles for which a game page can display streams?

For example, for the game "N v1.4" (, Twitch does not currently accept that (or even "N", for that matter) as a valid game title, so there is no way for streams of it to become available here. This proposal would allow mods to add other acceptable game titles (ideally "N" in this case, were it not for the issue above) that would be picked up.

Alternately, this may just be an issue that will need to be dealt with via communication with Twitch; this scenario may still apply here since I'm not sure they would consider adding "N v1.4", "N v2.0", etc etc.