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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

We need help. CANbus reject already 3 different runs in Antartic Adventure (

All Demien's attempts were broadcast on his twitch channel with frame counter (no movie) and showing inputs. He is not cheating 100%. I think this mod is very incompetent, can we delete him from this game and appoint someone reasonable?

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Forum: Dr. Mario (NES)

Thread: IL Boards Redux

Started by: RazorflameRazorflame

I don't like resets too, but it will take a lot of time and effort to separate everything. We will have to analyze all the runs, including obsolete ... Not sure it's necessary. Rules with resets were introduced long before our moderation, do we have the right to separate? It's a very hard question and need a collective solution either.


Forum: Dr. Mario (NES)

Thread: IL Boards Redux

Started by: RazorflameRazorflame

Personally, ILs do not really bother me. I didn’t want to add them initially, but in the end I had to create every level. Now, to remove everything, I think we should ask the opinion of the IL runners themselves.

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Forum: Dr. Mario (NES)

Thread: Congratulations!

Started by: RazorflameRazorflame

SeriousProducer is also very dedicated to this game, but I don’t think she would be interested in checking new runs..


Forum: Dr. Mario (NES)

Thread: Congratulations!

Started by: RazorflameRazorflame

yeah, he is the biggest fan of this game in the world, imo. Crazy man 😃 I think he deserved it


Forum: Shadow of the Ninja

Thread: Removal of the "chinese" runs

Started by: k0zzxk0zzx

Since WR now 10:44 and is rapidly improving (thanks to Wansheng strats!), maybe we should review his 10:50 run and add it back, as indicative his strats for history? I think for today there is no reason to suspect him of cheating, since he has a lot of mistakes, and, as aiqiyou said "many Chinese players know that Wansheng is xiuluowentian's teacher in this game", I don’t think they had a reason to fool each other. In the past his run seemed unreal or fantastic, but as time has shown, these strats are quite doable. It's just a suggestion, sorry and thanks for the read.

Real 3rd place run by wansheng:

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Forum: Battletoads (NES)

Thread: NES Battletoads PAL co-op

Started by: WashDogWashDog

We discussed with JC a request for a new category and decided to put it into misc. as any% 1p2c (PAL)


Forum: Double Dragon (NES)

Thread: WR Any% run

Started by: TecateTecate

Anyone knows Baize86 and his times in Double Dragon series? I think he was WR-holder in dd2 and dd3, maybe and in this one? I don't remember history of dd1 old WRs, maybe someone know it.


Forum: Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Thread: What happened to the WR run?

Started by: HurricaneMixerHurricaneMixer

Ныть тут и удалять раны как Кохи-баба, потому что вам якобы насрать на спидранком - точно не вариант. Если докажут факт читерства - сами удалят (потом можно оспорить), а если нет - то и не парься. А так это тупо показуха на публику, демонстративно обижаться на предьявы какого-то одного человека и удалять все свои ПБ в тот же день... Неужели ты думал что никто не заметит исчезновения мирового рекорда и всё пройдёт тихо?)
"Заходи на мой канал, где-то там есть новый WR" это вообще пиздец) Все прям ринулись искать.

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Forum: Battletoads & Double Dragon

Thread: Real World Record, not 21:17

Started by: Neural89Neural89

15 Nov 2018 by Koh1fds

(just for information)


Forum: Battletoads (NES)

Thread: TGR's Any% Run Removed?

Started by: TionicTionic

TGR deleted this run on his own, because a certain person accused him of the illegitimacy/unreliability of this emulator run. The same person says that it is impossible/almost impossible to make a credit warp with a green toad and asked to make another credit warp for a green toad with some proofs (showing inputs and record the movie for analysis). So TGR just decided to leave this category, that's all I know.


Forum: Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi

Thread: Why Mcataclysm's run should not be allowed on the leaderboards

Started by: HotCoffeeHotCoffee

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I rejected this run in the first day with a reason "Please re-submit video without logo (show the game)". But today we discussed with some russian runners and decided to make concessions. I will reject this run again and give 2 mods to people who knows the game, because I'm not really interested in this game anymore after years.

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Forum: Dr. Mario (NES)

Thread: NES Classic

Started by: RyanGamesRyanGames

You can run on the NES Classic as on ordinary console, because it emulates the NES equally. This does not require a separate category. New categories will be added only with obvious differences after submitting a run (if necessary). But I added new platform for NESClassic. GL


Forum: Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Thread: Advanced Speedrun Tutorial

Started by: stormcrow56kstormcrow56k

Also maybe my visual cue will help someone, it's very easy and stable 😉

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Thread: "Verifier" status

Started by: Neural89Neural89

Why "verifiers" don't have rights to edit time in runs? We can verify only 100%-matched runs, but if someone submit +-1 second or wrong milliseconds for short games, we can't. Verifier mod can only accept or reject, that's all. But we should verify runs in any case.

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Forum: Dr. Mario (NES)

Thread: Question about the first time I'm going to post a run

Started by: Lv_1_BidoofLv_1_Bidoof

Splits are not important. You can save all your attempts in LiveSplit, the time is counted directly at the submitted run (even without splits). Splits it's an auxiliary thing for you and the moderators, nothing more. So feel free to use this program as you want. Good luck on your attempts 🙂


Forum: Tengen Tetris (NES)

Thread: NES Classic

Started by: misdroppimisdroppi

Yes, I think so. Even emulators is allowed. If the game is original, then of course. Good luck on your attempts 🙂

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