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Forum: Half-Life 2

Thread: Source Pause Tool Questions

Started by: NerdzawaNerdzawa

Is the Source Pause Tool allowed in the Any% category? I'm specifically referring to certain commands in it, like "y_spt_autojump 1," which allows you to repeatedly jump by holding the jump key.

If it isn't allowed, I would think that an Autojump% category would be good, where you can use SPT, but only for the autojump function.

I know it sounds pointless for me to be asking about this, but I have problems with the joints in my fingers, which makes it much harder to jump using the scroll wheel.


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Can I submit individual worlds to be timed and recorded?

Started by: NerdzawaNerdzawa

Hello, I was wondering if I can record a clip of me speedrunning world 1-1 and submit only that to be recorded. Otherwise, what is the current record for world 1-1, I got a 19:57 and want to know how good that is.