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For Story mode runs, TrueStorySeamus used a loaded game and just did the required fight chapters in order to beat the game. From what I've gathered I've seen that the older runs started from a completely new game file for runs, which involve skipping many more cutscenes.

Should we limit the run to new game, or allow loaded game? I mean, it's already allowed, but if anyone has anything to say about it, let me know.


Would rather wait until more input, but I think a sub-cat or variable might be good to distinguish.


From the way I see it, using a new save only adds a few seconds to a run. Think about it; it's well established that you end a run for this game right after the final fight with Sasuke, so the extra cutscenes you need to skip wouldn't be added to your total time, regardless if you used a new save or not.
I would also say that constantly having to refresh a new save file constantly, especially if you need to restart a run in a timely fashion, isn't worth it. Doing well in the Hashirama vs Madara fight is crucial to get a good starting time, so getting it perfect would require multiple restarts, which would be a hassle if you need to constantly make a brand new save file.


Considering the Hashirama vs Madara 1 fight can be upwards of 5 minutes with one or two errors, including the around 2 minute unskippable cutscene, using a NG is considerably different in my eyes. I'd make a separate category. Gives both options the spotlight.


Also, i notice that some runs dont follow the same timing rules, so i propose we end it on "battle results" and i can retime all the runs myself if thats cool.


I did that^

Now, I think variable to distinguish between load game and new game would be the best idea, but not subcategorize since its pretty much just cutscenes and not any actual gameplay I suppose. I say we shouldn't allow skipping directly to the fights, but just starting each chapter with fights from beginning.

Would everyone be in favor of this?


I made it a subcat instead since it's really not possible to compare either method of play and New Game the default since it has more runs. If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to post here.


hi, one question

The skips of pressing buttons are allowed? in loaded game

and it ends in the statistics of the last battle?

ooo and

how they finished the new game in 1 27



I really wanna run this game, but I have two question.
1. Does it care which route I take? Naruto or Shasuke?
2. How do I reset my Game for New Game runs?
Thanks for your help