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Thread: About Cascade Kingdom's All purple Coins run in Level Leaderboard

Started by: Naoto09Naoto09

I doubt about Cascade Kingdom's All Purple Coins current WR (In particular, hey_there_cool's run)

Formal rule is "Timer starts when you skip the cutscene for the kingdom preview, time ends after throwing cappy at the globe with enough moons to progress to the next kingdom and all regional coins in that kingdom."

In his video, Timer starts when Mario starts walking off the odyssey and ends on the last purple coin collected.

In addiion, He didn't use "Clan file"(any monn was already gotten (for example, Grand moon after vs Madame Broode...))

Formal rule is "Must run on a clean file with no moons or purple coins obtained upon entry and all skippable cutscenes and cinematics still active to be accepted."

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