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There is now a discord dedicated to tournaments that we will occasionally hold. Feel free to join to keep updated on current and upcoming tourneys!


Just recently, 2 people were added to the Super Mario 64 Online page, MarvJungs & Tomatobird8, for seemingly no reason. We have 4 mods that are fairly active and have no need for the extra people. Can we get them removed?


You can use 1.6 for older clients (before Net64 2.0), but you have to use the 2.x version that comes with the Net64 2.0 download if you want to use Sonic, Kirby, etc.


Link for the discord can be found here:

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Post the video here and we’ll go from there.


This is vanilla, on console. Use a character from the online tool.

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We haven't added it to boards yet because no-one has provided proof of doing a 0 star run. We don't add categories to the boards if: 1). There is no interest. and 2). There is no video proof of the category being done.

That being said, if you are interested in doing 0 star, do a run of it and post the video here. We'll be more than happy to look at it and evaluate it to put on the boards.


The rule is mainly in place to differentiate between Stage RTA and Stage RTA (SC), with the obvious observation being you can star cancel in one, but not the other.


Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

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We have a Discord server for the entirety of the Pac-Man series. You can join here:

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If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ forum post, please ask in the discord or post it in this thread. We would like to keep the forums clean from a bunch of floating/repeated questions.


1.) Everybody needs to either stream or record their perspective for the run to be valid.
2.) Everybody needs to defeat BiTS. Last person to grab the big star ends time.
3.) You may have everyone's POV in one video, just make sure they're synced well enough.


Save your savestate at star select and you won't have any problems. We mirror the vanilla SM64 timing rules by starting on the 2nd to last full white or black frame before gameplay.

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Correct, Stage RTA (SC) aims to utilize star cancelling as much as possible. However, you're not restricted to just using Rosalina; you can use multiple characters throughout the attempt, but your variable will be "Multi" instead of "Rosalina" when submitting.


Just as a PSA to anyone who submits runs, here's a few things to keep in mind.

1.) Don't submit full runs with milliseconds. This game isn't competitive enough to warrant them. Only ILs need milliseconds.

2.) Check the emu box when submitting. The game runs through a client that requires an emulator.

Thank you

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