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Thread: Link to important post

Started by: HarrisonCRunnerHarrisonCRunner

The rewind feature on the Nintendo Switch Online version of the game should not be used under any circumstances as this can give an artificial advantage over other platforms. Thank you for bringing this up as soon as the game launched for the switch 🙂.


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Thread: Attention to runners/potential runners

Started by: Mysteryman95Mysteryman95

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It's recently come to the community's attention there's a fairly significant glitch in Punch-Out!! (Wii) involving the ingame clock that counts down during the fights. This particular glitch is the result of one of two possibilities:

1: When the game is paused on certain fights, the timer stops ticking down a frame before the opponent stops moving.

2: When the game is unpaused on certain fights, the opponent starts moving a frame before the timer starts ticking down.

Eitherway, this glitch essentially enables you to save a frame per pause on the fights that it works with, meaning using multiple successive pauses in the same fight can cut down on the time pretty drastically, and even enables the player to manipulate different patterns out of opponents who decide their attacks based on the value of the timer.

The community has discussed this glitch and has decided it will not be permitted in runs. Despite the fact other glitches won't invalidate a run, this particular one abuses the fundamental method of how the time of a run is found (as wii punch out is timed by summing all the ingame times).

Another point that should be addressed is why this isn't acceptable, whereas the "clockstop" glitch on contender Glass Joe is. The difference between the two being the Glass Joe trick is isolated to a single frame perfect punch at the end of only that fight, and saves the same amount of time every time, whereas multiple pausing applies to a wide range of the fighters and would be awkward to achieve the same amount of time saved while in practice.

A list of fights this trick works with are:

Both Glass Joes

Both Von Kaisers

Contender King Hippo

Contender Piston Hondo

Both Bear Huggers

Both Don Flamencos

Both Soda Popinskis

Both Mr Sandmans

Any submissions to the level leaderboard with pauses from this point will be rejected on that basis. Full game runs may still be accepted under the condition that multiple successive pauses aren't used in the same fight to drastically abuse the clock. Pausing the game to change the wii remote batteries for example is completely acceptable, although full game runs with pauses may still have small time penalties applied to them to make up for the frame saved from the pause.

In short, please try and keep pauses to a minimum in full game runs. Thank you for reading and happy running 🙂

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Thread: Bear Hugger problem

Started by: CartoonCoquiCartoonCoqui

Hey CartoonCoqui,

Yeah that's the really tough Bear Hugger strat. So the reason you might not be filling the dizzy meter correctly is because the damage has to be very compact on that strategy for him to be dizzy. Apart from the very first gut punch of the fight, you only have a few frames leeway across the rest of the phase that you can lose before he won't get dizzy. There is an alternative strategy, it's still fairly tight and loses just over half a second but it's much more consistent:

Good luck with your runs! 🙂

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