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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

The lone moderator for the Hamtaro -series- ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​hamtaro ) is Totalled, who has not logged in in 8 months, has not submitted a PB in 4 years, and is not active in the Hamtaro series discord or any of the individual games. I'm trying to submit a new Hamtaro game to the site and the request was denied, as the moderator of the series can do this directly.

Moderators for the individual games are all active, but not for the overall series.


Forum: Live A Live

Thread: Any% Timing Rules

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

Should timer stop

1) At last sound effects at the end of credits like Aripon's run, or
2) At closing the last dialog box like Trysdyn's run?


Forum: Super Inefficient Golf

Thread: Second course?

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

Aren't there 36 holes in the game? The last hole in the game right now has you aiming at an 'inverted' pin after a huge drop.

Any% is course 1, "All Cups" would be Course 1 & 2, maybe? I refuse to call it "All Holes" =|

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Forum: Final Fantasy XI

Thread: Campaigns

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

I'm not sure how to tell what campaigns/events are actually active. The FFXI website stated that the last catch-up campaign (that would be a Shadow Lord Event speedrun) ended last week, but in walking through the notes, I was able to get Vali-whozit and Mihli Trusts by following the RDM notes. I also started with an EXP ring. So is there an event active?

What about the Shadow Lord Shirt and Echad Ring? Are those also event items?


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Thread: Run status rectification :(

Started by: psykrapmadafakapsykrapmadafaka

Are the marbles valuable collectibles somehow, or just ammunition?

I changed the category names a while back as 100% is a little more clear that you need to get all the phone calls for the Wii version -- playing in Dark Mode disables phone calls but gives good ending by following a bad ending route. If that doesn't really fit how the Steam version plays (i don't have it), category names are just semantics and I can reword them for the steam version.

I'll attribute the run to you and mod you, so you can fiddle with the leaderboard as you deem fit if you like. If not, no obligation or anything, you can tell me what would work best for the Steam version and I'll make it happen.


Forum: Wild Arms 3

Thread: Noob Questions

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

I'm looking through the notes now to make some SplitNotes before my first run, and I've got a couple of questions.

1) Is there a Discord of any sort? I know WA3 only has a few runs on the leaderboard, but maybe a series discord or something? I've noticed the guides were updated relatively recently!

2) How much room or need is there for safety saves? Gimel Coins are sold for cash, but I'm worried about fights like King of the Ring that needs a specific outcome to get a Light Gem. How consistent is that set-up to get the Moon Spark killshot?

3) I can probably find this in the VOD, but for the Mono-Eye fight, the strategy is: Turn 1 - Valiant Clive/Jet, Turn 2 - Clive/Jet attack. Should I be attacking with my other characters too, or not? Up until now it specified if characters should be guarding to avoid counters (or whatever reason)

I'm sure I'll find more questions as I look through the run 'on paper' and pick through the VOD, but I appreciate the help with what I'm asking now!

Edit: I did think of another question. It might make more sense once I'm running it in-game, but sometimes we're turning Auto-Battle on for just one fight, and one of those fights is for one turn -- does auto battle do something else in the background? It doesn't seem like the biggest time save in the world over just telling her to defend and then you've gotta remember to swap it back next fight. Why not make more use of Auto Fight, especially in fights that have a lot of "All Shoot" turns? Does it dip into your inventory sometimes?


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Thread: Microphone

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

Sounds good, thanks for all the info! I'll pick up a rock band mic and a stand for it


Forum: Lifeline

Thread: Microphone

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

😐️ Do I have to drop $100 on a Logitech PS2/SOCOM headset? I tried with my Blue Snowball and can't clear tutorial, I plugged in this old PS2 Karaoke mic I have and I can hear static through the mic, so clearly there's something wrong with that and I can't even use it as a test. Linkums isn't wearing a headset, but I also can't see what mic he's using. Could also just be my PS2's USB ports.

My PS2's disc drive is also busted. There was quite a lot of excitement finding it in the closet, ordering the game off Amazon, and a lot of disappointment when none of it wants to work right. :< So I was going to use either emulator or Open PS2 Loader to get the route down while I wait for a replacement. Emulator is its own category, but would a non-disc console run be banned outright, or be on emulator, or would it be worthwhile to do a run that way just to see if or how the timing is different?


Forum: Pixels for Peace

Thread: Where to submit runs?

Started by: HakoHako

Would you prefer submissions via the Google Form or the SR.Com form?

Edit: Also, I went to join the marathon discord, the Discord link used in the marathon info has expired!

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Forum: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon (Online, Dec.9-10)

Thread: Submit a Game (Now - Nov.30th)

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

There is a little over a week left until the submission deadline. Thank you to everyone who has submitted games offered to help the event be successful!


Forum: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon (Online, Dec.9-10)

Thread: do we have a discord?

Started by: MiphaSRMiphaSR

There's a discord button under the logo on the left, but I'll put it here too. My fault, shoulda put it in one of the stickies to begin with!


Forum: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon (Online, Dec.9-10)

Thread: Submit a Game (Now - Nov.30th)

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

Submissions Open: NOW
Submissions Close: Nov. 30th, 11:59PM Eastern
Game List/Schedule: ASAP, No later than December 7th

Q: "I want to submit a co-op run or race!"
A: Please limit it to a two-person run, or at least in a way where I need to capture, at most, two streams. All runners involved must submit. If tech or bandwidth issues arise, the run may be converted to a one-person run (and I'll feel extremely guilty for having to cut someone).

Submission Link:

View Responses:


Forum: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon (Online, Dec.9-10)

Thread: Lend a Hand! -- Volunteer Form

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke


I'm looking for help for the basic marathon neccessities - hosts to read donations and hype the charity, someone to help update the incentive lists with donations, anyone willing to mod chat (even if its just for the time they happen to be watching).

I'd also really like -- maybe not need, and maybe not expect -- but really like someone I could hand the restream off to, so I don't ¤have¤ to pull a 24+-hour if I don't have to or in case my internet connection takes an hour off or something. Even just a few hours is enough!


Forum: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon (Online, Dec.9-10)

Thread: What is YASM?

Started by: MyOhMykeMyOhMyke

Who: Me and you, and you and me
What: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon
When: December 16th - 17th, 2017
Where: Online, at
Why: #ForTheKids at the Children's Hospital of Richmond!

This will be a 24-hour(ish) event, where 100% of (TAX DEDUCTILE) donations go directly to the hospital! Money raised may go to staffing, therapy equipment for the hospital and at-home, recreational therapy, research, and perhaps most importantly to provide uncompensated care for patients. This allows families to bring their loved ones in for care without worrying about how to foot the bill -- whether the bill is for routine check-ups to keep kids safe and healthy or for desperately needed, life-saving surgeries.

Donations will be handled through Extra Life's donation system.

You can use these links to get more information about:
Extra Life -
Children's Miracle Network -
CHoR -


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Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Marathon Name: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon
'Slug': YASM
By: MyOhMyke (and hopefully some friendly volunteers who will help him out ¤thumbs up¤)
For: Children's Hospital of Richmond via Extra Life
Dates: December 9th, Noon - December 10th, Noon (Eastern)

About: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon, this time #ForTheKids at the Children's Hospital of Richmond! This will be a 24-hour(ish) event, where 100% of donations go directly to the hospital. Money raised may go to staffing, therapy equipment for the hospital and at-home, recreational therapy, research, and perhaps most importantly to provide uncompensated care for patients. This allows families to bring their loved ones in for care without worrying about how to foot the bill -- whether the bill is for routine check-ups to keep kids safe and healthy or for desperately needed, life-saving surgeries. Donations will be handled directly through Extra Life's donation system.

This is the first event I'll be running, so I'll be looking for some help, but if it goes well I'd like to make it a series, as well.


Forum: Find You

Thread: Mod Applications!

Started by: WyillWyill

The game needs to be set up with a platform - when submitting this game via the SRC marathon submission form, there is no console/platform set, so you cannot complete the form.

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Forum: A Hat in Time

Thread: Input device - Running with a keyboard

Started by: OcciOcci

In-game Button re-mapping is apparently Coming Soon(tm). It can be done through the .ini file, but I believe that is banned from the leaderboards. Be sure to hop on the Discord under Resources!

On a similar note, would something like a Logitech G13 be banned? What about gaming mice? This is the first 3D-PC game I'm speedrunning, I honestly don't know if those are generally accepted or not.


Forum: NASA Presents: Horror Thriller Monster Marathon

Thread: Marathon Info

Started by: lurklurk

Some of the little details differ event to event, but most online marathons give you layout guidelines and have you stream either to your regular channel or to a channel set up specifically for the event. Something like "Stream no higher than 720p, 2500 bitrate, to a stream key you'll get 30 minutes before the run, stream game audio/video only, align it to the left side of the screen." It's usually pretty easy to set up!

You'll usually need Discord, too.

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Forum: The Typing of the Dead

Thread: Doing a TAS finally

Started by: StrifeStrife

I didn't even know there was a PS2 version 😱 I'm really looking forward to it!


Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2017

Thread: NASA 2017 Feedback & Suggestions

Started by: Dark-AriesDark-Aries

The location was great as far as public transit, getting to the event from the airport wasn't that big of a hassle. It was my first trip outside of America and I was able to get around without needing an uber or getting lost or even having cell phone service. That was pretty fantastic! For being right in the middle of everything, though, it also somehow wasn't really close to anything because of waiting for a return bus trip. I know securing a location was an issue to begin with due to the original host double-booking or something similar to that, so for getting a site without a lot of time to shop around for one, I think you guys found a good spot. Hotel staff seemed helpful enough, it was a short walk from the bus stop, and the bus stop was a hub to everywhere else. NASA can't make them run more buses, though, for people who weren't on-site but wanted to get around a bit.

When submitting information about when we were available to run, the form said to put additional information in the next box or something similar to that. Then there was no free-form box for this information. I posted my information in the Discord saying I preferred to have my runs as close together as possible, as between work and lodging and so forth if I was only able to swing by for a day or two I still wanted to go. I didn't care which days, just as long as I didn't have to commit to the full week in case other things came up. I'm not sure if that information got lost or that just wasn't possible in the schedule but I ended up having a run on Tuesday and Friday which is the opposite of what I was hoping. I was able to get there and do my runs in the end, and I'm happy I was invited and got to come and play, but for a lot of reasons that are totally outside the control of NASA it would have been nice if I could have cut the trip short. I'm not complaining about the marathon schedule itself - I would have mentioned something when it was announced, but I still had time to get on-site lodging at that point which is by far the biggest issue I had (and has nothing to do with NASA). Even when I realized I wouldn't be able to do that, I didn't want to upend an entire schedule 'cause I just didn't like it and not because I actually couldn't be there, but I'll probably be a bigger pain in the ass in the future. If the form used to get schedule information was 'finished' and able to keep all of my information together, though, it might not have been that way to begin with.

TSA -totally- took just my A/V cable out of my luggage. Just the a/v cable -- it wasn't at home, and all my other cables were OK (including my frayed laptop charger). This left me with a two consoles I could do absolutely nothing with all week. Spare cables, even without consoles, for the practice room woulda been sweet, but who the heck has consoles and no cables? (This guy.) I wouldn't have had 'em on my shopping list either if I were running a marathon.

tl;dr -- NASA itself is fantastic, pretty much everything else made me wanna go home. I had fun overall, but it would have been 1337 times more fun if I was on-site with everyone, and that ain't NASA's fault.

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