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Forum: Resident Evil 4 (Steam)

Thread: Do we need more rifle ammo?

Started by: AidenFearAidenFear

Oh lord what is happening to this game right now, first the Novi 1 clip, now this

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Forum: Gunman Chronicles

Thread: Request for a glitchless run.

Started by: BooskopBooskop

Just a heads up, it would be insanely boring.


Forum: Blood: Fresh Supply

Thread: All Secrets Clarification

Started by: Psych0sisPsych0sis

It's fixed now, we apologise in hindsight for the inconvenience this caused, guys. Hopefully this won't deter anyone in the future from running All Secrets or Fresh Supply in general.


Forum: Blood

Thread: Pacifist Speedrun

Started by: yokochanyokochan

Sadly we do not find justification in adding and tracking Pacifist records in Blood due to the nature of the game progression, although if you feel like it you can submit your record to the leaderboards.


Forum: Duke Nukem 3D

Thread: Why is there no PS1 category ?

Started by: zombieteubezombieteube

Reason PS1 category doesn't exist is because there is no justification to add it in the first place,nothing stops you from doing runs on PS1 though and you might just make a case for it to be added.


Forum: Blood: Fresh Supply

Thread: New category?

Started by: MrSlamzMrSlamz

Added individual episodes.HMU if you wanna do E5 and E6.Trying to find out how to revert updates ATM so Episode 1 can be fixed again.

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Forum: Blood: Fresh Supply

Thread: New category?

Started by: MrSlamzMrSlamz

I don't think there's anything against adding categories for seperate Episodes.If you feel like it,go ahead and fill them all up with runs 🙂

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Forum: Blood: Fresh Supply

Thread: What field of view do you use ?

Started by: FreedomHollandFreedomHolland

Depends on your preference and what you are comfortable with.I use 75 FOV personally.