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Thread: Missing platforms

Started by: RidiculousBoxRidiculousBox

Sorry for the late answer, the DS version is a very different game, not comparable to the normal game. X360 has been added.


Forum: Legend of Kay

Thread: Hello, and a question! :P

Started by: MushroomSodaMushroomSoda

Hey, sorry for the late reply, i dont really have a look at this forum for some reason. im going to answer your questions anyway (if you havent already figured it out yourself 😛 )

the pc version does have all the same skips and clips available as the ps2 version, as it is based off the PAL ps2 version which we all play. the only difference is loading times (ssd OP) and that some textboxes are not skippable i think (?)

difficulty matters a lot, it affects every fight obviously and it also makes the races faster by giving you more chilli peppers, we're all playing on easy so all the fights are really fast.

have a look at the RLC guide =^.^=

our discord server if you wanna hang out with the kay crew:

cheers and happy kaying!

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