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Thread: Grinding for a record : resetting early or late ?

Started by: AlayanAlayan

I depends how optimal your current PB is, meaning how much time you can afford to waste. I run Battalion Wars, and I've reset in the first level a ton of times, and in the second due to a vaguely tricky skip. After that I only really reset if I straight up fail a level. I got WR recently on my 11th run of the night, by that point I'd basically gotten sick of resetting, especially after losing a run half an hour in.

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Thread: is Showing A Glitch Glitches Or Glitchless?

Started by: [Deleted user]

@ZenicReverie Exactly. I run and mod Battalion Wars, and we don't separate them because there's no need. Only 1 true glitch in either game, and it saves like a minute in a 2 hour run.


Forum: Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Thread: Additions

Started by: MuchWhitteringMuchWhittering

Could I please get Individual Levels added, as I've done some runs of them. Also Ps4 and Xbone added as platforms please.


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Thread: Submitting Run for Updating Time

Started by: thkobythkoby

Also worth mentioning that although you're not changing placement now, in the future someone could submit their own run, and your PB improvement could be the difference between you being ahead of or behind them.

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Thread: Games you wish were more popular as speed games

Started by: BemelsBemels

@Bemels It involves a lot of rolling. (Well, only like 5 levels. The rest is more interesting.)


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Thread: Where does your profile picture come from?

Started by: SeydieSeydie

It's the My Moon from LittleBigPlanet. 13-year-old me thought it was hilarious and I refuse to change it because I hate when people change their avatars.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Games you wish were more popular as speed games

Started by: BemelsBemels

Well my obvious answer is the Battalion Wars games, simply because it's only really me actively running them, with a few others watching and showing interest in getting back to it.


Forum: Breath of The Wild Category Extensions

Thread: Hyrule Bike Challenge Image

Started by: MuchWhitteringMuchWhittering

Just a heads up, the link to the image for the Hyrule Bike Challenge image appears to be broken.

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Thread: A new speedrunning game

Started by: SqrSqr

I mean, if you like RNG, play Pokemon. Lots of run-killing RNG there.

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Forum: Assassin's Creed: Rogue

Thread: Remastered?

Started by: MuchWhitteringMuchWhittering

Is the Remastered version for Playstation 4 and Xbox One allowed? Only it isn't currently listed.


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Started by: chryoyochryoyo

Pretend I'm not sick and get on with it. Maybe sleep more in my spare time.


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Thread: Is there anything in speedrunning that gets on your nerves?

Started by: ZachoholicZachoholic

Why would you do a run without doing such basic research?


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Thread: Noob Questions from new speedrunner.

Started by: SHays8SHays8

Also, that leaderboard has time with and without loads.


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Thread: Is audio necessary for a legit speedrun?

Started by: PhilhcksPhilhcks

I feel like there's no reason that you shouldn't include audio. What else could you be doing that 1. Isn't distracting you from speeding, and 2. Can't itself be muted instead.

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Thread: Speedrunners "verifying" their own runs

Started by: carlduffcarlduff

I'm a mod on the games I run, but I let another mod verify my runs. But yes, for some games, mods have to verify their own runs because it's just them.

People get mod status if they're thought to be trustworthy. A good mod will gladly verify a run that beats them.

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Thread: Most indecisive person in need of finding a gamecube game

Started by: DangleDooDangleDoo

Battalion Wars has a great soundtrack. I'm running it, and the run is around 2 hours long. (I'm currently working on lowering that, it shouldn't be too tricky) Plus it'd be nice to have someone other than me actively running the game.


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Thread: How to start speedrunning

Started by: MiniMan561MiniMan561

When you post your time, give the relevant link in the Video box.


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Thread: Favourite game to speedrun.

Started by: MelonSliceMelonSlice

I only speedrun 2 games, Battalion Wars and Battalion Wars 2, and of those, I prefer the first one as a speedrun. Mostly because I don't have access to the consoles right now, so I'm doing an emulator run, and mapping controls to a Gamecube game is much easier than a Wii game.

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Thread: High Scores - what shall we do?

Started by: PacPac

I'm fine with having high scores on this site. I don't think it would really impose on the speedrunning.