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Thread: ESA Summer 2019 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

First of all, I liked the event as always. Staff and attendees were amazing as always. Loved the new improved arcade room.

However there are a few things I'd do differently for the next event.

- stream 1&2
As mentioned by a lot of ppl already it was a bad idea to do stream 1&2 in the same room. Plenty of argument have already been made for that.

- No chat for the runners
ESA is still at that period where reading chat is doable. Answering questions from chat and interacting with it can be used to enhance and improve viewer experience, as they feel part of it.
Inform the runner what the can and cannot say just like you do that with normal commentary.
This leads to my final point.

A better code of conduct.
I think the current code of conduct is mostly fine, tho it lacks some clear cut rules.
Things you cannot say or talk about. Just more general picture would be nice. This is a more minor point but it would be nice to see a more detailed guideline, and not a "just behave normally".

Keep up the good work!

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Thread: Any% Glitchless?

Started by: MongMong

Mostly because there isn't really a demand for it.

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