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Thread: Official download site for Momodora games

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

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Added it under Resources > Patches 🙂

Frankly I thought only mods have permission to upload stuff, all this while. I would've uploaded this a whole year ago lmao


Forum: Bunny Sword Master

Thread: Official download site for Momodora games

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

I have a local copy of the game actually! I keep forgetting to contact you about uploading it to here, if that's possible.

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Thread: ESA Winter 2020 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

As a viewer, I absolutely loved the little intermissions between runs! I enjoy how they provide a little extra insight into running the games, or fun glitches that runners won't use. Plus, sometimes the runners might not mention some things during their runs, so the intermissions can cover up for them. They add an extra dimension to the games being run, and definitely prolonged my engagement with the stream. (I guess my opinion clashes with Shigan's 😛. Though I should add that there were large swaths of time where I was away from my computer, and I did not catch repeating intermissions, so they always felt fresh to me)

Stream 2 was also a joy. I found myself eventually switching to it from the main stream. Main reason is I simply preferred the games, so nothing much there. What you can take away from me is that Stream 2 felt a little more lax, which I liked. The FF run shall be my main example. It was a beautiful mess of a run, and I mean that in the best possible way. I loved seeing the layout itself getting messed around, and the fact that the gameplay was only briefly affected by the shenanigans, and not for too long, meant that it didn't become annoying.

As for ads; I know that you guys have addressed multiple times that the extra ads were necessary, their placement is out of your control, and a simple subscription will make them all disappear. I fully understand your guys' position, and I don't blame you for it. However, it definitely still is a pain point. Like what Apache said above, they harm the experience, especially if they play at crucial points of a run. I really am not sure what's the best way to solve this, other than to continue encouraging viewers to subscribe.

Overall, ESA was a net positive watching experience. The fact you guys allow runners a little bit of wiggle room in terms of what they can say (e.g. letting a couple curses by) created a more natural atmosphere, and the intermissions kept me interested in watching. Plus, judging from what people who attended the event has said, it must be even better to be there in person. I will be making my travel plans soon for Summer (and submitting a run too).

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