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Started by: flickyflicky

It would be great if it was possible to have the Bloodborne & Dark Souls 3 runs the same weekend. Both me, Elajjaz & Santzo will only be able to attend ESA for a few days and the plan was to do commentary for both runs since we all run them. I've had a chat with both of them the best option would be to have both runs the first weekend, the second weekend might work as well as long as we can plan our trip ahead. 🙂


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Thread: Second Round Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

I sent a mail to Flicky but might as well post this here as well. If it is possible to schedule my Dark Souls 2 run for either in the evening the 3rd or at any point during the 4th/5th of July that would be great since I have to work during the week and won't be able to make it there. I might be able to go there during the 1st weekend (26th-28th) but this is still uncertain.