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Thread: Noob Questions About Gen1 Speedrunning

Started by: Loa_WolfeLoa_Wolfe

If you're uneasy about parts of the run, you may want to use savestates to try and practice all the menus - I use a separate set of splits for the parts I don't like and practice them regularly.


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Thread: Random question

Started by: MrOrcaDoodMrOrcaDood

I noticed that GSC/HGSS runs go to red. So why don't Emerald runs go to Steven, or at least have a Steven% category?

Just hypothetical.

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Thread: When do I use instant text?

Started by: MrOrcaDoodMrOrcaDood

So I just got my first Red run done, it was 2:16:05, and I'm wondering when the best time or times to use instant text is. Normally I just activate it before Misty and keep it until SS Anne rival, but is there a better time to use it?