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Just a quick heads up for anyone who follows this game, I've undergone some extensive work on my notes and updated them with a lot of new ideas for fights throughout the game. I'll also hopefully be back to streaming my WR attempts at the game before too long and continue to improve my time.


I only have one game I'm running for now, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, but I'd like to add at least another game or two to the list sometime.

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I'll toss in the game I'm running, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3. Pretty easy game to learn and one that only has a couple of runners atm, myself and ChurchnSarge.


I speed run because it's a fun hobby and I like pushing myself to get better at it when I put my mind to it.

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I'm MrMovees87, and I'm fairly new to the speedrunning community so I thought I'd introduce m'self. I've been working on running Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 the last few weeks to great success, holding WR in it for right now. To be fair, only ChurchnSarge and I actively run the game right now but I'm still happy to hold WR all the same.

I stream fairly regularly on Twitch if ya ever wanna tune in and hang out sometime. I'm hoping to be an active member here and look forward to getting know other speedrunners and enjoying myself as best I can with this fun hobby!


Was able to pull a 1:18.09.50 earlier today and with enough work I hope to have that down to at least a 1:17 or so. I just finished up submitting the run and will work to improve that time in the future.


After a couple test runs, I should easily be able to pull off a 1:45 time or so, give or take a few minutes. I'll be live streaming runs and practice over on my Twitch page sometime this week. My first run wasn't timed exactly but it took a little over 2 hours in all with glancing at a clock occasionally . A follow up run had me at Yog Modaigh right around the 1:30 mark so if anything, 1:40 should really be even more doable than 1:45.

As far as the set up I'll use to stream it, I'll be using OBS and a Logitech USB headset and Live Split for the timer. I don't have exact splits for each portion of the game worked out yet but I'll probably work to add them in as I go along.