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Thread: List of Who Has Most WRs

Started by: [Deleted user]

If Map Quiz is never fixed I will have one forever gg


Forum: Diversity 2

Thread: can someone explain the new 1:59 wr to me please

Started by: PurplegazePurplegaze

I've now had this happen twice once the door broke like the wr and the other I kept getting teleported back to the spot every 5 seconds or so, really weird.


Forum: Diversity 2

Thread: Parkour Level Leaderboard

Started by: MrMountainManMrMountainMan

I forgot to time my time with in-game time and now for some reason I appear in second even though my real-time is faster than his in-game time?


Forum: Hypixel Server Parkour

Thread: Why is there no Cosmetic any% run

Started by: MrMountainManMrMountainMan

Just wondering why there isnt an Any% with Cosmetics?