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Forum: Movember Speedrunning Mo-ments

Thread: Discussion/Questions Thread

Started by: SmurfySmurfy

@Zojalyx yes it is my man, same goes for our parnter event of ESA, for ESA a webcam is required though!


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Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Thank you very much 🙂


Forum: Movember Speedrunning Mo-ments

Thread: Movember Speedrunnong Mo-ments || Noverber 9th - November 11th

Started by: MrMeanMoustacheMrMeanMoustache

The date and time
From: November 9th - 18:00 CET
Till: November 11th - 18:00 CET

Channel it will be showcased on.

You can submit your runs here: (please use the "additional time" option for the length of any incentives)

We ask runners to submit their runs individually. At the end of each form, you will find a new link to the form to submit additional games. In case you want to submit multiple categories we ask to fill out a separate form for the other categories (i.e. Any%/ 100% in a different form)

Submission close on October 13th at 11:59 pm GMT/UTC. You can view current submissions here:

Runner who have submitted we ask to join our discord that can be found under TIA because it will be organized from there!

The Movember Foundation Addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

This event is organized by TIA. Questions regarding this event can be done in the forum thread or in the TIA discord which can be found here: under the movember speedrunning mo-ments channel

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hi there,
I wanna organize a Speedrun Marathon raising money for the Moverber Foundation. An Organisation that raises money to fight cancer.
Therefore I would like to request a Marathon Page.
The Marathon will be an online event and will be organized by me and some friends who are organized with doing marathons.
Everyone is welcome to submit everything he wants..

Name: Moveber Speedrunning Mo-ments
Date: 9th til 11th Noovember
Channel: Most likely my own
Admins: Myself, Indi, Crrool, Smurfy, Boxmeister, Xita

Hope you guys can assist me and I look forward to hear your reply


Forum: Super Mario SixtyFortnite

Thread: Categories

Started by: blueluma64blueluma64

Just a question, i saw in the rules that timer starts on when you select file a but in the wr video i saw he started the timer at reset. so or can we change that rule. or let the runners retime so we can adjust it.


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Thread: Looking to swap from EMU to N64, have some hardware/buying questions.

Started by: CrabshackCrabshack

FIrst of all Make sure you have an NTSC console and not a Pal simply because Pal is 20% slower.
in case you still have the working cables from your old console you can look for only consoles, they are cheaper and if you have the cables already why not. (Note: in this case it does not matter if you buy a Japanese console or a US one, cables will always fit)

For the controller, basicly the whole community agrees on just an original controller with original OEM stick, but can be hard to find sometimes. i always just go to my local retro gameshop and buy a new controller but there are otherways, in discord they can for sure help you with that.

in case you really hate the N64 controller or find it to hard to find replacement sticks you can try to find a hori if you are willing to pay some money for it.

for buying i am gonna recommend the Typical ebay stuff simply because i bought mine NTSC j console there for 50 euro. just make sure the seller has a good feedback, and if it is too good to be true, it most likely really is,,,

i hope this helps! goodluck with this game my dude!

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Loading times.

Started by: spleatzspleatz

i am sorry but can you please tell me where there is any Loading time that is longer then 5 seconds in general, i quickly watch my runs for loading times but litterly none of them is longer then 5 seconds, so at most it can differ 1 to 2 seconds, unless i see video proof of this i call this Bullshit

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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Good DDD skip Tutorials?

Started by: BusbyyBusbyy

Impossible is maybe a big word, you can get more consistant at it once you understand it better, but for now it is a full Yolo in runs lol


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Good DDD skip Tutorials?

Started by: BusbyyBusbyy

DDD skip is a really complicated trick and really needs some time to fully understand what comes to DDD Skip, Besides the fact that it is complicated it is still an really inconsitant trick. the best person to ask how DDD Skip works is Drozdowsky i think, or you speak japanese and ask Xiah lol. on youtube you have the basics for DDD skip but from there on it is Playing with savestates and see what works and what not! Goodluck on this horrible grind

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Thread: IGT

Started by: MrMeanMoustacheMrMeanMoustache

Hi there, i am wondering how to time the iGT

i just assume that i add up all the times of my Cup times but just to be sure i ask so i can add it to my run next time 🙂


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Thread: new runner interested, have an issue

Started by: LoanSharkJoe

if the lag comes from the emulator you can do a few things, Indeed lower your bitrate simply because that takes up more CPU also Higher the CPU priority in task manger for your Emulator to Realtime. in the emulator settings setting the counter factor to one and use 8mb of ram also takes away lag from the emulator. if the lag comes from OBS, then internet is indeed most likely your problem and then should lowering your bit rater help alot


Forum: Kwirk

Thread: images

Started by: Kid_GamerKid_Gamer

Simply because video proof is required for this game no matter how short the levels are, as mentioned above pictures are easier to manipulate then video's, matter of fact that taking a screenshot of the WR video and then submit it is easly done. recording your video proof is not hard by using OBS (free software)! where you simply add the source (the emulator or the capture card for your console) and press start recording


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Best controller for WiiuVC?

Started by: Chase3475Chase3475

well if you have console, just go with that, i mean there is even a forum about banning VC and Emu lator from the leaderboards because the diffrences are huge due the lag reduction VC and emu have 🙂


Forum: BioShock

Thread: A few questions on the run

Started by: ryan.h153ryan.h153

hee dude i recommend you to ask this in the bioshock dicord aswell 🙂 i can not awnser this question for you since i am not amezing in this game aswell but over there they know it for sure and you can expect a quicker anwser


Forum: Luigi's Mansion

Thread: Plaing on wii

Started by: MrMeanMoustacheMrMeanMoustache

Hi people, i was curious if it was allowed too play this game on a wii with the original disk, i saw that any sort of emulator is banned but does that include playing on the wii with the original disk.

why is ask this is because me and a friend are planning too do a blind race on the usb loader, but if i like it and i am intrested i might want too play the game as a speedgame aswell


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Bowser throws

Started by: SpatialParanoiaSpatialParanoia

the distance you throw him depends on the speed, just try too rotate as fast as possible and you must be good, for bowser three you can always hit consistantly if you do this (works for me everytime if i dont miss a throw) C-Right twice and hit the bomb in front of you, then c- Left twice and hit that bomb, then the last throw is the opposite bomb from the bomb you just hitted, if i do it like this the bomb is never too far away 🙂

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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Reject version obsoleted times gotten after actual pbs

Started by: FrostyZakoFrostyZako

i dont really get what you mean with this, why reject a run if it is a pb, i mean if you pb then that run is after you last pb... or am i missing something here


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Easiest Category To Start With?

Started by: MarthurMarthur

BLJ is a trick that needs sonme practise but pretty easy when you get it down, but if you really want too do 70 star go for it!


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Easiest Category To Start With?

Started by: MarthurMarthur

Tbh if you like to get used too the game i started with 16 star, vieuw basic starss too get the movement down, only thing you need too learn is BLJ. it needs some practise (like every other trick in this game) but nice way too get started

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Forum: Banjo-Kazooie

Thread: NTSC-j good version too run

Started by: MrMeanMoustacheMrMeanMoustache

whait why do you need too learn that ( i a now playing casually first so i dont know the whole game yet) but i figured indeed that Pal is better for an%, so i am happy i still have my old console, but is NTSC j slower for 100% otherwise i just switch the back of the cardridges