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Also @HePPSxd is inactive a lot of the time

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Well hepps verified my run, so idk

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No wonder i didn't notice that, it's a terrible rule!

That's how it is with EVERY OTHER GAME!

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The DS Shop can be accessed on 3DS, so add that as a platform.

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After the opening cutscene, sprint to the hole.

Smash through every textbox.

Maximize your efficiency by making sure you target mean with purple beam every turn, and attacking the slimes with DjSlime and Chew.

After beating mean, interact with the brown building and then go down to the bottom with the gate.

Sprint down Route 90 and don't collect any chests.

Use all of your special attacks on the Wayside Ghost to kill it in one turn.

Collect Zach and move to the left towards Bob, but don't fight him yet. Move back and forth to get Wayside Ghost encounters. Use the same procedure on them as the first one.

[English] It may take up to 6.
[Esperanto] It takes 2-3.

Once MrJoCrafter learns Purple KO Blast/Purpura Necertmorto, go into the menu and heal MrJoCrafter and replenish his stamina.

Battle Bob only using Purple KO Blast. Attack with the other characters.

Once you beat Bob, go right. Then, enter the dungeon at the top.

[EO] Go up, right, up,right, down, right, and once you see the textboxes appear when you pass through the opening, go right and around to the blue chest.

[EN] Go to the stairs that go up to a wall. walk to the right most tile of the stairs, and walk through to collect the blue chest. Go back to the stairs.

Then, go to the bottom of the dungeon. Hold right until the end, and there is an upward path. Get the red chest.

[EO] Then, go back to the entrance. Go to the room to the right of the entrance.

[EN] Meander along the wall to the room to the right of the entrance to the crack in the wall, and walk onto them.

Heal your party, and interact with the crack.

Go up and start the Masked Entity 303/ Maskita Geviro fight.
Use all of your multi-hitting skills to take out the slimes.

After that, constantly use Slime Slam and Purple KO Blast.

Timing Ends at the text box announcing the end of the episode/chapter.


I would too.


@Chew can help because she did
and basically this game should be like that


Individual Levels!
Any% (finishing everything with at least 1 star)
Finish Level 6-5


- Get to rank X
- unlock everything
- unlock all towers and upgrades


There still is.


All non-glitchless runs must be played on ninjakiwi.

CoolmathGames is allowed for glitchless runs.

This doesn't apply to any current runs I know of, so it shouldn't affect anything.

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Just ask


No thanks, I don't expect this game to be run often. You can help me with other games i mod that get more steam though!


Lol it's talking about the ingame autoclicker


"ALL runs require proof"


you already figured out half of it...


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