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Thread: A bug i found!

Started by: sebpistol14sebpistol14

you're like 2 years late to this discovery, sorry bud

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Thread: I got 6:41

Started by: CorodanDenisCorodanDenis

video is required for all run submissions. if you want to submit a run, go here:

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Thread: rb1 train level is piss easy

Started by: GerbungisGerbungis

dude rb1 level 6 ramp is kinda easy, dunno what the big deal about that is ngl, like you can get a whiff double jump off that big ramp? no problem bro, and a whiff jump off the grass? thats doable as hell bro like you don't know bro this will be an easy BOP dude no joke


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Thread: amazon fire tv lololololol

Started by: FakeDream551FakeDream551

i added fireTV as a platform on the page for mobile

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Thread: I am the confusion on what happend

Started by: LenticularisLenticularis

you just need enough speed to get through the spikes, jumping isn't really a part of the glitch, it just helps you stay outside of the spikes

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Thread: sub 20 train




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Thread: Questions

Started by: ChocolateTheGamingChocolateTheGaming

thank you rajanil for responding to a 3 year old thread

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Thread: quick retime check :)

Started by: MotorjamMotorjam

(edited: ) should be 27.067 should be 26.900 should be 27.400 should be 27.567 shouldn't be valid, doesn't show the start should be 29.510 not .051 should be 30.860 should be 31.233 should be 30.667 should be 30.700 should be 30.867 should be 31.533 should be 31.367 should be 31.933

it's a shame to see a game where milliseconds are so important have mods that don't even check the timing on any of the runs 😐️
someone took a 3 year old wr by submitting a faster time than they actually got and nobody bothered to check if it was right, very cool

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Thread: 2nd place in Reach Bedrock shouldn't be valid

Started by: MotorjamMotorjam

might as well add that these runs have the wrong time on the submission:
if the decimal is .xx0 and it's not .x50 or .000 then it's wrong


Forum: Minecraft (Classic)

Thread: 2nd place in Reach Bedrock shouldn't be valid

Started by: MotorjamMotorjam

(edited: )
"New Rule as of 10/5/2020 Top 3 runs require a hand cam."
there are mouse clicks but you can hardly hear them over the block breaking noise, the run looks slightly suspicious to me, but it doesn't follow the rules in the first place


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Thread: Join

Started by: PoggiesPoggies

join the actual discord if you want help with the game.


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Thread: sub 20 train


@ThatOneGuy_nnnThatOneGuy_nnn I'm good at it. Even though Sub 20 train is the hardest. If you pulled it off like 5 times, you might get the hang of it. It even cause your chance of completing sub 20 train from 10% to 70%. I'm the only person to pulled off sub 20 train a couple of time. Even NorXor. He tried to get the sub 20 train world record. But he always got the time of 18.433 or 18.400. Motorjam thinks sub 18 train is not possible. But he was wrong. Sub 18 is possible. I managed to make it 2 times. But one of it wasn't even on video. And because of that, now all the levels can be completed in under 18 seconds. The segmented run of it might come very soon. If you meant how did I get sub 20 train very consistently, I've been jumping on the large spikes like 5 to 25 attempts depending on rng.

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Thread: Why Nobody Will Ever Get 0x.

Started by: NorXorNorXor

you need to do the Acai and make a video of people hitting the hard strats and then eg getting 3:07


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Thread: Knock Off Link

Started by: Kai.Kai.

I think it got taken off the store


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Thread: i love norxors guide

Started by: [Deleted user]

thread locked because dangr said so

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