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Thread: Heists RTA Timing Investigation

Started by: zopneyzopney

Inicius pre-26.1 solo run: 6.373s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Iterniams 26.1 solo run: 6.093s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Iniciu/Turbodart/Foxy pre-26.1 co-op run: 6.193s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Squakos pre-26.1 solo run: 6.017s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward
Squakos 26.1 solo run: 6.050s between profit taker dieing and bounty reward

Clear inconsistency like you describe. I agree with changing the Profit Taker end frame to the blue glow.
Exploiter still has the issue of the mid-level load screens. Until they can be factored out of the timer in a consistent way consoles and low spec PCs will always be at a disadvantage no matter where exactly the start and end frames are.
Finishing the Heist 2 bounty requires entering the elevator in order to trigger the bounty end sequence. If the timer ends before this point then the whole bounty isn't being completed. In order to avoid using bounty end frame but bring the timer closer to its traditional end point, I counter-suggest making the end frame the inverse of the start frame, when the Orb Vallis map turns to the local Elevator map (after picking up the datamass of course). This still doesn't mark the exact end of the bounty but is extremely close and requires everything you traditionally had to do in Heist 2 except the elevator door glitch.


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Thread: Levels 5 to 9 runs are incorrectly placed

Started by: MortarMortar

They are shifted a number down
Level 5 - Mozart Street Apartment (runs are currently Level 6 Kepler Building Apartment)
Level 6 - Kepler Building Apartment (runs are currently Level 7 Platoon Killhouse)
Level 7 - Platoon Killhouse (runs are currently Level 8 Bitburgring Brothers Garage)
Level 8 - Bitburgring Brothers Garage (run is currently Level 9 Cartel Beach Party)
Level 9 - Cartel Beach Party (run is currently Level 10 A Visit to Mother Superior)