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Thread: Emulator settings being used for runs?

Started by: Thebpg13Thebpg13

I don't know about JuniorRoot, but Ezze, HoJiho and I were using psxfin. It's an old and somewhat inaccurate emulator but others have their own issues too. Ludwig wanted to investigate those runs last year and possibly retime them but gave up after some time so we're back to the original situation.

I have a physical NTSC copy now too so maybe I should do some tests on my end. Last time I played it I didn't see anything blatant compared to psxfin, loading times were even a few tenths faster on hardware, but I haven't run this game since so I may have missed things.


Forum: Gran Turismo 4

Thread: About DVD runs

Started by: Yabe_ukeYabe_uke

You're probably more likely to get an answer on the discord


Forum: Destruction Derby 2

Thread: Emulator Version for ePSXe

Started by: BalakehBBalakehB

I'd assume so, it's pretty unlikely to be less accurate than the emulators most of us have used before

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Forum: Grand Prix 2

Thread: General discussion thread

Started by: FATA-FATA-


I am sorry, I just realised rules are empty in "unlimited". "Unlimited" just means hotlap in unlimited practice but with no other restriction.

Here is a copy-paste of "no help" rules:

"This category uses the classic "No Help" ruleset established by Ilari Lehti.


Only analog steering, analog gas and analog brakes.

No steering help, No opposite lock help. None of F1 - F7 helps.

No over 100% processor occupancy.

No wall contacts in street circuits, No going off the track

No any other means of cheating (plank wear is not a cheat).

Track limit rules:

"This rule has two parts, one for the places where there is either grass (the green one), gravel (the popcorn) or a kerb (the multicolored thing inside of a corner, you know) and one for the places where there is only a white line in the asphalt limiting the track. Definition: Wheel is outside the track if there is pixels between the wheel and the track. The kerb and the white line belong to the track.

Part 1: Grass, gravel, kerb No wheels outside the track. Exception: Rear wheel may very shortly be out when it just has left the end of a kerb at the exit of a corner (this is realistic).

Part 2: White lines Two wheels may be outside the track, two must be inside.

This rule can best be checked from a still picture when viewing the car from behind in the replay."

General game rules:

You must provide a replay of your lap. A video is not mandatory, but recommended for a top 12 time submission."


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: new catagory idea

Started by: Cheesebiscuit64Cheesebiscuit64

I'd imagine E4 would probably not be that challenging in a glitched run, I mean, even in glitchless it's not a particularly hard part as long as RNG is with you

The actually fun part of RBA/RBO is to obtain a level 100 pokemon as fast as possible and glicth your way through different rooms


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: new catagory idea

Started by: Cheesebiscuit64Cheesebiscuit64

Have you checked out Reverse Badge Acquisition? The concept is somewhat similar, except you don't have to physically fight the E4


Forum: Gran Turismo

Thread: Why are emulators banned when there is no advantage?

Started by: NTRGNTRG

Hard to make a "headcount" when people usually ask about emulators, see the management is against them, then leave forever. It'd be a bit like herding long lost sheep.

Emulators were opened up in GT2 a while ago, and now we have 3 runs for 13 categories, 2 of them being old legacy runs. Something tells me a lot of potential runners asking are not being very serious about it.

This situation has been around for years, it sucks but PS speedrunning is inherently broken in so many ways. In that regard the mod team is usually doing what they can with a terrible situation.

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Thread: Daycare?

Started by: UnfocusedMrFoxUnfocusedMrFox

If it's not explicitly stated in the rules then it's probably allowed.

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Thread: Condition of AC leaderboards

Started by: CoopeZzXIIICoopeZzXIII

The main issue is that Radiator Champs does the same function better. SRC is not very good for IL categories that can potentially have automated submission/verification.


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Thread: Not a fan of the new site layout

Started by: Bro3256Bro3256

Forcefeeding us a news bar that says "Communities are the key to speedrunning" is some bittersweet irony.

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Forum: Gran Turismo 6

Thread: About my recent any% run

Started by: Orbis_POrbis_P

I agree with that.

I am still planning to run this game in the near future - preferably on 1.00 if I can get it working - but the two versions are so different it doesn't make much sense to have them competing against each other.


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Category Extension Suggestion: Nuzlocke

Started by: [Deleted user]

It would be almost identical to a vanilla any% run, unless you make further restrictions.


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Thread: old rankings archive for PC & PS

Started by: emrald_011emrald_011

It was an interesting system at the time, unfortunately the boards for many games were filled with very obvious cheats.


Forum: Road Rash

Thread: Timing Method for 3DO Runs

Started by: kyletx500kyletx500

Zero's run is also missing it.

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Forum: Road Rash

Thread: Timing Method for 3DO Runs

Started by: kyletx500kyletx500

I noticed a couple of runners cut off their video before showing IGT of their final race.

This is probably not a huge deal as this can be timed manually, but I thought that was worth mentioning.

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Forum: Road Rash

Thread: Timing Method for 3DO Runs

Started by: kyletx500kyletx500

New rules seem good to me.

Though Career mode should probably should stay RTA, as you can't get IGT from races you don't complete... everything would have to be timed manually post-run which seems like a huge hassle.

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Thread: Timing Method for 3DO Runs

Started by: kyletx500kyletx500

To answer your question @kyletx500kyletx500 : the finish line trick is absolutely worth sacrificing to make things fairer to everyone, as good as it looks.

I am personally in favor for switching to IGT whenever it is an easy slam dunk, and Road Rash Level 1 is pretty much the perfect case scenario for this. RTA is often terrible for accessibility, especially if, like in this specific gen, you have to fight against planned obsolescence on top of having to hunt for specific models. Everyone loses at this game, except for a bunch of resellers on eBay.

I'd like to volunteer for retiming existing runs if there's ever a need to.

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Forum: Road Rash

Thread: Timing Method for 3DO Runs

Started by: kyletx500kyletx500

PS and PC(and probably SegaCD and Saturn too) have similar problems to some extend. If you're going to switch to IGT you might aswell do it for all platforms.

Level 1 has very little menuing so it wouldn't change runs much. The main difference is that it would render the finish line trick useless.


Forum: Road Rash

Thread: New runner to the series and in general!

Started by: Zero169Zero169

I'm using a PS2 slim too.


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Thread: Should I attempt ANY%

Started by: SirStumbusSirStumbus

34 minutes is already pretty good and would put you around mid-table, I'd say go for it