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Thread: MaxGames Problem

Started by: VitoDerProVitoDerPro

Yes, this is the exact same version. It's worded incorrectly in the rules. Versions that are different from the actual game (i.e. clones of the game that use completely different mechanics and stats) aren't allowed on this specific leaderboard.


Forum: Age of War

Thread: Hello, Please read :)

Started by: PanClamPanClam

You can add or at least request the mobile version to be added. Technically it's a different game so it should have a seperate leaderboard and I don't have the mobile version so I wouldn't be able to verify runs.


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Thread: Definitive Edition categories?

Started by: EddventureTime58EddventureTime58

I'd suggest to request the Definitive Edition to be its own game since that's what it technically is.


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Thread: A new run

Started by: ladolyfamilyladolyfamily

So far no one showed interest in the hacked version. And that's probably because there isn't much to it.

It's pretty obvious what the fastest way to win is and that takes away routing and risk vs. reward plays, so that pretty much everyone could get the same (optimal) time.

If anyone has a different opinion I'd be interested to hear about it, but personally I think there's no point in having a category for the hacked version.