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Thread: If this already exists, why not link to a place to improve under resources?

Started by: ModestTomatoModestTomato

For example, the Hard Drop community is dedicated to all variants of tetris, and make up a large percentage of the jstris playerbase. Why not send some of the people submitting here to a place where they can hone their skills?

Under, say, guides or resources would be a good place to put this.


Forum: Puyo Puyo Tetris

Thread: Question

Started by: jamescubejamescube

I know I for one would definitely use a feature like this to its fullest - ergo, I would grind ILs to fill up leaderboards just because it fits my playstyle of lacking consistency but solid peaks


Forum: Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day

Thread: Timing with IGT?

Started by: ModestTomatoModestTomato

Should we start timing this game with IGT, as there is an in-game timer (like sonic 2)? Would prevent inconsistencies with hardware, but be less precise. Please post your thoughts here.