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Forum: Learn to Fly

Thread: @leaderboard mod

Started by: Miror_AMiror_A

hi you rejected a pb of mine in learn to fly with the reason "already approved your better run," though id like my old pbs on such that they can be archived there

is there any reason it shouldnt be?


Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: When To Split

Started by: SoruSoru

Generally most people split for entering each chapter when the door to the chapter has finished closing as well as when the text "end of chapter" appears and has stopped moving after every chapter.


Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: flipside pit of 100 trials

Started by: Miror_AMiror_A

Completing the flipside pit of 100 trials from a new file as a category has been quite competitive recently, as there have been 4 wrs held by 3 people in the last 2 weeks alone. This is more competitive than any% has ever been seeing as there has never been a time where more than 2 people competed for wr. Considering this, it was wondered if this could be added as a category to leaderboards. Timing begins from file select and ends when the screen goes black after entering the pipe to leave the flipside pit of 100 trials.

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Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: New game + and/or individual levels

Started by: moomathmoomath

these both seem super arbitrary, especially ng+, where would it start? end? what would it require? and I doubt many people would care, or enough that would warrant lbs for

that said, if somehow spm ils became a competitive thing, it sounds fun, but that will never happen


Forum: Super Mario Galaxy

Thread: 1P and 2P split?

Started by: TheSludgyGamerTheSludgyGamer

I don't run this game, nor will I ever, so maybe my opinion is irrelevant, but it seems really stupid to me to have 4 any% categories just because some people want to use slower strats.¤

¤There's nothing wrong with using slow strats, unless you're trying to go fast, but I don't think that should denote a new category just because some people don't want to go fast.

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Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: Just a question

Started by: AmpsenAmpsen

Pasta: Life Shroom Jump (LSJ) is a technique similar in use and execution to Thudley Jump. The main difference is that you must let your 3D meter tick down (or use a Poison Shroom) to kill Mario and use a Life Shroom allowing you to Flip mid-air the frame before you regain control of Mario.

basically a double jump nearly impossible to execute most frequently used in 1-2 to cross the gap where there is not yet a green bridge that allows you to progress

it can also be used in 2-1 and when in the underwhere the first time to skip boomer and draining the water