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Thread: Rules & Change Suggestions

Started by: MindezMindez

Hello, I've picked up running the game and I think the board could do with some maintenance to add some game rules and category rules. We don't currently have any specific rules around timing or version (ScummVM is not really a version, as it can be used for several different versions of the game).

In particular I think the game and category rules should clear up:

- Timing (At the moment people seem to be starting from confirming 'New Game' and ending on using custard tart on dragon)
- Versioning (I know of 4 different versions off the top of my head - DOS CD, DOS Floppy, Mac and PS1 - but there may be more. We should standardise this not to limit which version people run, but so that it's clear which version a run was on)
- Emulator settings (Happy to help look into these as I'm not an expert, but ScummVM is a powerful emulator and any settings that have the potential to speed the game up should be disallowed.)
- Proof requirement (Presumably video submissions with clear game audio)

We should also rename the game from "Discworld 1" to "Discworld" as that's its true title, as well as combining the three games into a series. There's another thread about this, and that's much more in line with SRC standards.

I appreciate that there's only one mod at the moment, and that this game doesn't have any active runners, and certainly don't expect this to be done quickly. But I think that maintenance should be done, especially when it comes to ironing out the ruleset, in order to make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to doing runs.

Happy to hear anybody's thoughts and opinions on this!


Forum: The Site

Thread: Delete a Game Request

Started by: MindezMindez

Hi there,

I'm wondering if there's any way to delete a game request. I accidentally hit enter while typing in the game name, so I want to delete that request. I did fill in another game request with the correct details immediately after submitting the wrong one.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

- Mindez