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Hi all,

so the Amiga version does not have the option to speed the game up, so only normal speed was possible.
I was able to get a decent time, but of course its far from the other records.
I just wanted to ask if we can make another category for this version to cover this up.
If for whatever reason not, I am also fine with beeing put in the current leaderboard 🙂

You can check out my run here:



Thx mate,

I was already thinking that this will be the way to go, but better ask to get sure 🙂
Didc heck the other version before and Icould not find any which is similar to mine. lets see.

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I completed a run for this game on the Amiga, I think we need a new category right?
You can check it out here:



Hi Mike,

I would suggest everyone of us tries to contact a different Mod (if not already done?).
You can choose if you like to have RoboSparkle or Mmeaninglessnamee.
Lets see when and what result we will getting.

(I dont really get this Discord, tried to send you a message but seems only to work if you are online...dunno yet)


Wow nice one, looked almost flaweless (didnt see much room for improvement, but still possible to beat).
Only god nows how much of a grindfest this was for you 😃
Wonder which section/Level did drove you crazy the most?

I asked about becoming a moderator you can follow that here:




we from the Giana Sisters Speedrun Community (2 peoples atm) are missing our Moderators (RoboSparkle & Mmeaninglessnamee) for quite some time now.
There is some stuff to do (verifying runs, clarify rules etc) so it would be great if you could promote MightyMike9001 and me to a Moderator for this game.



Alright everybody,

as you might noticed I submitted a (maybe) decent run for the Teampath using my Amiga-Emulator.
It seems that the overall differences to the PC-Version a just minor things, so playing this on the Amiga should also work to compete with the PC.
Well I only did the TeamPath by now, but I am planning to do the other 2 paths as well so we can better compare the versions.
(Maybe it turns out to be like in Monkey Island 2 where the Amiga version is (of course) superior 😉 )




great work retiming our runs thanks mate.

The version WojT__gl is playing seems to be the special edition so it might be legit.

About becoming a moderator:
If you like to you can also suggest me as an additional moderator, I am already one for some other games so I am kinda legit. I am not sure if they will grant moderator right to a person which is kinda new to all of this.
(We did the same at Loom, Firefyte became SuperMod and made me normal Mod)

Cheers and keep on running 😉

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I include all scenarios which camewith Warlords 2 Deluxe.
You can still request other scenarios which were created after release by whomever.

Have fun with them 🙂


Hi Mike,

thanks for this good answer and figuering out a solution (and all the other stuff of course), I think your suggestions makes the most sense yet 🙂

So in general you just stopped the time between the "black/loading" screen and summed the seconds all up at the end right?

About the Moderators:
We faced the same Problem for Loom so I just wrote in the forums that all Moderators are not available for a long time and that I could not contact them via other channels. The result was that firefyte and me were promoted to the new Moderators.
So you (or someone else....if no one want to that, I will do it) has just to tell some person who is in charge here about the absence of the closed 🙂


Hi all,

so Warlords 2 is full of different scenarios to run.
If anybody did a run of any of the scenarios included in this game, please just request your scenario in this thread in order to create a new category for that.



Added Random Maps to the Leaderboard.



I have not much experience with speedrunning (or playing) this game.
So if anyone want to help to figure out the categorie, Rules etc, just tell me here 🙂


These are the current Rules & Settings for running Warlords:
They are of course open for discussion

Rules for Warlords 51%

- Difficulty (your choice - I recommend Knight)
- Human Players = 1
- AI-Players = 7
- Timer starts = Clicking on O.K.
- Timer stops = Accepting Peace-Offer

Winning condition:
Capture more then 50% of all Strongholds.
In general you need 41 of 80 Strongholds to win.

Please also capture your end statistics after you accepted the surrender of your opponents to keep track of the overall turns you needed to win - a not must.



check out the resources to download the fullversion of the game.
It runs perfect on Win10, just unzip it, start it and enjoy it 🙂


Well this great game also offers the options to play some sweet random maps, so I have created its own Leaderboard for Random Maps. Lets see which one will be the fastest 🙂

Game Settings:
Just set your random map to these options and then proceed like always.

Have fun



Scenario Runs
after some testing and reading the manual I think chosing this Settings might be the best to begin with.

Chosing a Player:
Choose any faction you want to and set the other remaing players on Knight(easy)

Game Options
I would recommend these options

In Game Settings (Alt+x):
I also would recommend to turn off everything in the in game settings, but thats your choice as well. Only if you feel confident enough. The less you watch the more time you save.

Winning Conditions:
To win the game you have to conquer at least half the cities on the Map.



I will post some basic rules in the next days, but I dont want to decide everything on my own.

This thread is suppossed to figure out which Rules and
especially which Settings would be the best.

So you can help me out if you will.



alright then good suggestion.

No I was reffering to counting the IGT as;
Looking at the Timer in the upper right screen.
Level starts with 99, your time is 76 so IGT would be 23 for Level 1. Level 2 your timer stops at 70 so we needed 29s for this stage and so on.
Then we add every time from the stage to a total to get the final IGT (this is also much work but propably fair?)

Trying to count the time with removed loading screens would be insane I agree 😃

Yeah both Moderators seem to be inactive for a while, dunno how long to wait until they show up again.
(yes was mistaken you for a Moderator 🙂 )



thanks for this awesome answer 🙂

Yes thats right I switched my Floppy-Drive Speed to Turbo (makes sense in hindsight 🙂 )
I've used an ADF-File, Kick 1.3 is also available.
Maybe I was just screwing something up while changing my Settings to an A500 at the time I was testing this ...who knows (will try it again).

Cant you just define in the Rules the Basic-Setup?
Or we change to IGT (but who wants to (re)count all of this^^).

So to sum this up:
Basic A500 with Discdrive-Speed = 100% ?



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