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Forum: Tomodachi Life

Thread: Deleted World Record

Started by: MiiWiiMiiWii

I have deleted all of my 3DS Tomodachi Life runs, including my 39 minute 100 Miis World Record due to me using a capture method called NTR CFW, which makes your load times a lot better and gives an unfair advantage through hacking to record the screen. The world record is now 44 minutes by GoomBayPacker. I may run this game again if I can get recording for 3DS set up/get a capture card.

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Forum: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Thread: Bowser's Fury "Back off, Prince Bully" Skip (Takes less than 10 seconds)

Started by: TheLgameZTheLgameZ

This is currently used in any% runs. A different method is used with plessie.


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Is doing Any% speedruns better than the category extensions?

Started by: [Deleted user]

You can do whatever, but if you want to improve at general movement, I'd say main board categories are really good for that. I'd recommend at least trying any% out, and if you don't like it as much you can stick with Category Extensions.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

I'd like to request a way to sort leaderboards by a number, then by time. This would help for Low% categories. For example, In Super Mario Odyssey's Minimum Captures Category Extension, the leaderboards currently only allow times that use the minimum amount of captures possible. A way that it could be made easier to submit to this category if you don't know how to do every capture skip in the run, is by ordering runs by how low their capture count is first, and then by time. For example, 3 captures runs would always be ahead of 4, but it would be sorted from best 3 captures time to worst 3 captures time, then best 4 captures time to worst 4 captures time. This wouldn't only help for Mario Odyssey's low% category, but it would also help for Low% Categories in a lot of games, if we had the ability to sort runs by something other than time first, then by time second.

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: I might run soon but don't a elgato capture card and the money for it.

Started by: NashWasTakennNashWasTakenn

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Splits aren't needed for a run, the run can be retimed based on the video. It's still good to have them, but they don't need to be on screen.

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey - Custom Levels

Thread: Practice Mod for Runs

Started by: MFG_GDMFG_GD

yeah sure sorry for not responding earlier didn't see this until now

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Would like to suggest an option to pin a certain game to your profile so runs of that game show up at the top. Sometimes runners will mainly speedrun one game but also speedrun others, and if someone has a newer pb in a few other games than their main game, those will show at the top of the profile. What I'm suggesting is an option to pin a certain game at the top of your src profile, so people see that first when looking at your profile.

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Forum: Nintendo Land

Thread: 100% routing

Started by: JBMaginationJBMagination

@JBMaginationJBMagination nintendo land 100% would take forever but if you really want to do it then go ahead

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions

Thread: Swimming in Air Glitch for 2 Captures?

Started by: DaTroll18DaTroll18

you don't need to discuss this in the forum when there's a discord
sometimes forums actually have interesting things that notifications are on for


Forum: Wii Fit Plus

Thread: All Games Intended

Started by: Standard_GamerStandard_Gamer

@OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium When you score well in those games, you get less dialogue from your trainer so it's already faster to do well, with 4 stars giving you the least dialogue.

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey Superstar Mode

Thread: Runs Moving to Legacy

Started by: MiiWiiMiiWii

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With the New Superstar mode R6 Update adding a finished wooded kingdom, all runs done on R5 and below will be under the Legacy category. With the new update adding more to the game, it will be used in the current speedrun sub category. This change will happen when someone does a run on R6. This makes GlassFangs the new Any% Legacy World Record Holder! Congrats! OpieOP

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey Superstar Mode

Thread: R1 vs R2

Started by: NicolasreciNicolasreci

Also the platforms at the beginning fall down faster, he removed some platforms to get to the paragoomba, and pillars is harder because of the distance between the platforms


Forum: Super Mario Modyssey

Thread: Other Modyssey Categories?

Started by: 24HourRunz24HourRunz

Other categories will probably added when people do runs of them.

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Is Sub 1 Hour possible?

Started by: GDLennyGDLenny

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Hello future wr progression video can I be in the video pls

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Forum: Tomodachi Life

Thread: QR Codes for Super All Time Favorite

Started by: MiiWiiMiiWii

To make the category less rng based, would using a qr code of a mii with a super all time favorite available at the beginning be allowed?


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions

Thread: All Captures Speedrun

Started by: HackakatHackakat

I did a run. Can probably be improved everywhere. Missed yoshi capture at the end so i had to go back to mushroom and i killed the sub 1:40