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No rules on mana, just have to start with a fresh character and only use items you find thoughout.


Changed my mind about veryfing your run, but next time you better include the screen.


Right, I'm gonna leave it out of the rules to prevent some runs possibly being invalidated then.


Category is added now, not sure about the exact rules though.

"You may only kill enemies and the bosses through Cliffing" - isn't there a real possibility of killing an enemy accidentally along with drilling the cores assuming your drill has high enough damage? Maybe "you can only kill the EVs by cliffing" would be better

"Pausing the game during the run is not allowed." - does pausing the game achive anything? is it abusable?


Oh you're new, maybe you didn't know - there are categories for sepearte NM levels, you just need to click "Level Leaderboard". The rules are basically just finish map on NM, any characters.


Isn't lab with drill always faster than killing the EVs? I fail to see why this would need to be seperate category.


According to the audit log, last deleted runs were either deleted by their sumbitters or by me many months ago. Back then there was like 20 runs total, and a few of those did not comply with the new rules at all (especially runs with no video or runs that weren't done on ranked).

So I have no idea what runs are you talking about, note that the IL level leaderboard only shows the best one, if you select the level, you can see all the runs.


The one I used is called Livesplit.


If I were to make a dark side speedrun it would be esentially the same run, with a few minor changes and one more quest, probably good enough reason not to do it.


I honestly don't thnik you can level up more characters to the point they become useful. Have to agree with Hydro on this one, I don't thnik it would be a very good category. If you want to run the campaign with more chars, that's why the co-op is there, you actually get a chance to use the characters fully.


I'd like to clarify that i wasn't using anything that wasn't included in the game, no 3rd party scripts or anything, just custom settings.

I also thought only official versions with no modifications were allowed, so I don't quite understand why some modded version is now the WR.


Pretty sure no name scripts are allowed.


Done, individual levels now have categories for solo and co-op. Rules can be viewed if you click a single map. Co-op rules apply just like the Any% cat - any characters, emulators, controllers allowed.

I added one newly released map to the list, if you want to run a map that's missing contact me. Some maps were left out on purpose (for example Silent night, Temple of love, a lot of challenges) because I feel like majority of the players never play those anyway.

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We split the consoles from pc runs a while ago because of the huge differences between the platforms. Basically everything is different, gear quality, map differences and DLCs to name a few key things. There is a seperate Dungeon Defenders speedrun page for consoles but since I don't own any consoles and know nothing about playing DD on consoles I don't manage the console one, nobody really does. If you're interested, you are very welcome to do so.


The reason I initially split the categories like this was because majority of the solo runs were already one single character only. If we were to merge the categories like you suggested it would kill most of the runs because there is no way to get a better time with one character over switching characters freely, needles to say that the Any% existing chars allows you to do so and use more characters at the same time on top of that.

I'll leave the discussion open for a bit, hopefully we'll get some feedback. Otherwise I might just change the categories like you suggest to make it simple.


Well in lower difficulties, most definitely. The reason I made the category for multiple existing characters are mainly the last two difficulties, which are not so easy to do, especially with one character only.

That being said, having the characters connected at the same time is fully optional, the category just allows usage of multiple builders or even dps chars.

And as you correctly say, having only one character out for each wave will result in shorter waves, therefore shorter times that will allow you to beat strategies that use monks to boost for instance.

What I don't like though, are runs submitted in single char and multiple chars at the same time. I'm thinking of chaning the rules to disallow that, probably gonna add requirement of using at least two characters during the run.


Well if you played the game more, you would know that there are plenty of cheaters on ranked mode. It is sad but it is very true. Without showing the gear players could run with 10k stats...


Hello, great first run, I just verified it. Just like you in my runs I do next split before the next level starts, after clicking the button.

It would be great if others did the same but I think we should leave that to people's preferences 🙂


So, finally got around to doing what I promised.

I finally cleaned up all the categories and rules and resubmitted all the runs that were acceptable. If I made any mistakes in your runs do not hesitate to contact me. If you're missing your run it is probably because some it lacked some necessities (like video).


Well, it has been a week without any sort of reaction, I guess I'll change the stuff as I think is right then, probably sometimes later this week


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